Will the Chargers make the playoffs?

  • David Oliver - 11 years ago

    I guess he has been down this road before because he is not the type of coach that can get a team ready to play and lead them to winning. This was true before Turner became the head coach and is true now he is a looser and will always be. The chargers will not make the playoffs (second year in a row) and Smith will continue to make bad decisions on players to draft and keep. Bottom line is that the Chargers meed to replace Smith and Turner and if they don't they might as well move to LA.

  • georg - 11 years ago

    The managment and coach should be fired, The GM for letting talended players go and getting no return. And the coach for being a loser, shoulda kept shotty.

  • Jim - 11 years ago

    This year they will not make the playoffs Norv has hit his stride unfortunately it's not upward . Mr.Rivers and company are not getting any younger. Quarterbacks in this league are very hard to come by .Its time for norm to go . San Diego fans have been more then patient with this guy. Fire him if they don't make the play offs period. How about bill cowher to light a fire in a dark damp place created by Norv.

  • mo - 11 years ago

    Wasted talent under a terrible coaching regime! The players look like they dont even want to play for him. Every year since he took over weve lost more games and just flat out aint getting in the playoffs now! The guy isnt a coach, isnt much of an offensive coordinator also. His play calls SUCK! Im tired of seeing his calm lost face in the camera every week when things arent going well! Got rid of schotty for not winning in the playoffs, get norv and his staff out for not producing in the reg season!!!

  • james d - 11 years ago

    Fire Norv Turner and the Chargers will win again! What a waste of talent under below par coaching!

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