You're home alone and it's time for dinner but you're having lots of fun in SL. What do you do?

  • carmsie - 9 years ago

    haha Saph and Kirosi :))

  • Kirosi - 9 years ago

    We find that avs and alts often try to be helpful.
    An sl dining table on a rooftop or Na'vi skybox can enourage an rw human to eat.
    A nice set of good sleeping anims in the forest with comfy pillows
    and happily dozing beings can give tired hosts the idea.
    Treadmills with a nice view can help them exercise too.
    Then, a small pool party can encourage rw beings to shower.
    Along with caring for our saber tooth tiger, horses, lion, primates and other pets,
    we care for hosts too.
    They don't have fur, wings or mer tails, but ya gotta keep the human hosts healthy!

  • Saphy - 9 years ago

    I hear ya Carmsie, I did the same with coffee, Pepsi and wine. Duhh. :))))

  • Carmsie - 9 years ago

    One day I was playing in SL while slurping soup at my desk. I spilled the soup all over my laptop. My SL addiction cost me $1,300 SL that day ... grrrr! Serves me right, i suppose ... teehee

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