Which GOP Candidate won the CNN/Heritage Foundation/American Enterprise Institute Presidential Debate?

Posted 7 years.


  • Daniel - 7 years ago

    I lived in Vegas, I know rigged when I see it.

  • Matthew F - 7 years ago

    I have to say that Newt was better voiced then normal. But Ron Paul just hit the nail on the head enough times that he drove it all the way in.
    Newt flipped on alot of what he has said in the past.
    Ron just said what he has been saying for a while. I like the attack he gave it.
    And is it just me? Or does Mitt remind anyone else of Guy Smiley from Sesame Street?
    I am glad that CNN allowed proper debate time share here. Before it was just the Romney, Cain and Perry show.
    Go Ron Paul.

  • I heart Rp - 7 years ago

    Ya! Ron Paul is the winner!

  • Blake - 7 years ago

    Wow look at that, my vote for Ron Paul tied him up with Cain, whoever said one vote doesn't matter....

  • Matt - 7 years ago

    Oh this is connected with YPNG, this poll has been proven to give 1.5 votes to Cain for every vote cast for Ron Paul as of like 3 weeks ago. It's a known-rigged poll.

  • Callendorf - 7 years ago

    Any poll that allows to vote more than once is illegitimate. Much like Cain's rebuttles to the alligations of sexual misconduct.

  • Jason - 7 years ago

    How in the hell is Herman Cain winning this poll,the guy is a complete idiot.Ron Paul is the only one between the other candidates who makes sense,speaks the truth and wants to save this nation.Ron Paul definitely won this debate.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • dew - 7 years ago

    hahahahaha!!! If you're going to rig a poll - use someone credible! Somebody has way too much time on their hands!

  • Ron Paul - 7 years ago

    Hey Ron Paulites. Stop pretending you're me. Send me money bomb mullah instead. I'm sure one of our robots has the vote wrong, and I expect it's gonna be fixed soon enough. SHEEPLEFED everyone!

  • Ron Paul - 7 years ago

    This poll is completely rigged in favor of cain. I've been taking measurements for over 10 minutes and see a result of 3-5 votes for cain for every one for paul at the same time. All other polls on the web post debate don't even show cain as 2%...STOP TRYING TO GAME PUBLIC OPINION!! FIX YOUR POLL OR TAKE IT DOWN!!

  • Ron Paul - 7 years ago

    Go read my newsletters. Password is: MONEYBOMBZEYEBROWsFALLING! Don't tell anyone.

  • plasticonobrisco - 7 years ago

    Herman Cain is a Federal Reserve apologist, an establishment opportunist, and big-government RINO politician who puts bankers first and Americans last.

  • Ron Paul - 7 years ago

    Ronulians... You need to fix your bots. Just sayin'. MONEYBOMBSHEEPLEFED!

  • Brady - 7 years ago

    How in the hell could any of you think Herman won? He cant even give a CLEAR answer, let alone lead this country. Ron Paul 2012

  • Herman Cain - 7 years ago

    This poll is rigged!

  • Benjamin Vander Jagt - 7 years ago

    I voted for Buchanan? The ballot was confusing...

  • bo jangles - 7 years ago

    i think theres been a mistake- some of the Ron Paul supporters accidentally clicked Cain's name by accident lol

  • scott - 7 years ago

    show me your titties ....ummm uhh i mean 9 9 9 !

  • Jason Burns - 7 years ago

    Herman Cain on Libya

    Herman Cain on abortion

    Herman Cain!

  • Brian - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul rocked the house tonight! Ron Paul 2012 for Freedom and Liberty!!!

  • Johnny - 7 years ago

    Cain? Really? My vote goes for Ron Paul, he's consistent, concise, and speaks the truth. The only candidate I can trust from the GOP (coming from a registered Democrat). Most comments are supporting Dr. Paul, don't just vote in the poll. Vote in the comments and voice your opinion as well.

  • Falcon - 7 years ago

    How could Herman get a vote, he doesn't know anything including how to get with women? lol ...go eat your pizza and don't grab anyones private parts pervert, you don't work for TSA, yet ...Ron Won!

  • Merdi - 7 years ago

    Where's the Disclaimer like CBS saying, "This is not accurate information"? Oh, it's because Ron Paul isn't winning... I see....

  • Greg Stech - 7 years ago

    so if cain wins the poll it stays up and if Ron Paul wins it comes down calling it in advance!!!

  • Aaron - 7 years ago

    This poll must be rigged by the Cainanites (sarcasm). But seriously ppl only whine when Ron Paul wins every poll and blames it on foul play.

  • VOTE RON PAUL - 7 years ago


  • Cain is a Fraud - 7 years ago

    plus you are allowed to continuously vote...it's not one and done here like any respectable poll would be....I think Cain's last supporter Mark Block is in his mothers basement right now smoking a cigarette, and copy/pasting Cain's vote......DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS POLL...IT'S WEAK!!

  • john - 7 years ago

    Cain was 6-7 in this debate

  • Cain is a Fraud - 7 years ago

    This poll is rigged....Every one vote for Ron Paul raises Cain's totals 1.5/2 votes...

  • Kelly - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • Clay - 7 years ago

    Where the bloody hell are these Cain votes coming from? This is either rigged or theres a bot.

  • Anthony - 7 years ago

    Cain's policy on everything is to assess who our allies/enemies are, consult with other people who know more and be their puppet. As he said before, he's trying to lead, not read. Apparently not think either. His performance was SO weak tonight that I'm convinced that his supporters are bombing this poll without regard for actual merit. Kinda surprised he still has supporters.

  • Brian - 7 years ago

    I love Herman, but he DID NOT win that debate. Romney and Newt were the winners here.

  • Chase - 7 years ago

    Cain? Seriously? Ron Paul won that debate hands down! But Cain? He is slipping and already in 4th/5th place going down. Cain did NOT win this debate and those who voted for him, obviously know NOTHING about what tonight's debate was about, and cheer on his worthless soundbites. You Cain people need to get your heads examined lol.

  • Cynthia Stark - 7 years ago

    People voted for Herman Cain...lol!

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