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  • Travis - 11 years ago

    Yo I love that Kingfish logo!! Even the Salmon Kings logo is better than the Macon whopee! Where or what is Macon anyways? Some type of Hybrid Bacon (definately invented in the south)?? And Whoppee (word some old people use for sex)? Whats with the bee? It seems like they had a think tank, that bombed horribly; as there seems to be so many ideas mashed into one logo.
    "OK so we start with a bird. Any bird doesnt have to be specific"
    "he's got to be playing hockey obviously," " of course"
    "he's got to be angry," "Absolutely!"
    " I LIKE BEES!" "Throw a bee in there somewhere"
    "what should back drop this?" "hmmm; I have a coaster I got at a bar!"
    Behold the almighty Whoppee logo......................cant even say that without laughing

    I will say the logo's in ECHL are more creative than NHL logos. We should be the Ottawa Walrai (not walruses) as we have king of the walrai as our bench boss. Would make for a sick logo too! This array of logo's is hilarious! So much to say.......All of these do fit into the categories that you specified at the beginning of this segment. Angry animal with crown, angry animals playing hockey. Its funny they even put a fish holding a hockey stick. GO HOCKEYFISH!

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