Which team will sign C.J. Wilson?


  • Swishas&Barre - 12 years ago

    If we REALLY want to get technical...Mr. Andy Allen, sir you forgot to capitalize the first letter when you started your sentence haha. I had to laugh regarding Stephanie's comment about the Yankees having the best home grown talent. Give me a break... Oh and I say let the Angels over pay. I hate them. Let them think they're pulling one over on Texas. Revenge for trading for Napoli? Sure do it. CJ is not an ace, and not worth the money.

  • ScottyAllenLAAI - 12 years ago

    I'm bias, but I'd say the Angels have the best shot. The only team willing out outbid them is probably the Yankees and that's only because they outbid everybody. Wilson is from So-Cal, landing him gives them the best rotation in baseball and subtracts from the Rangers.

    Gotta think that if the Angels land Wilson, and a good reliever and either Morales or Wells come back or Trout breaks into the lineup, that gap in the AL West would no longer exist.

  • Andy Allen - 12 years ago

    successful*, francisco* ----- hey, if you're going to point out the spelling mistakes of others and call them morons, you're asking for it.

  • Stephen Viafore - 12 years ago

    their*-----ur a moron. every team "buys" players. The Yankees probably have the most sucesfulgroup of home grown players in the MLb right now...derek jeter, mariano rivera, robinson cano, franciso cervelli, eduardo nunez, phil hughes you can name the rest.

  • brian bromley - 12 years ago

    yankees prob will get him because they buy all of there players

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