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Who is more crushable? (Poll Closed)


  • Keziah - 12 years ago

    I think that you (the site) should avoid to put Sara and Abby in opposition because I think that Sara can't win this match, it's damage. I'm a huge fan of the two but they are too different, Abby is more eccentric while Sara is too wise. If you had put Sara versus Jordan Cavanaugh, I would have voted for Jorja. If you had put Abby versus Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds and close to Abby by her style), I would have voted without hesitation Abby. There, you put me in a real pain. I vote (for laughing, of course, I've already made my choice) for the two women... Fortunately, Jorja and Pauley are friends in the real life, I discovered this recently and it surprised me much. I love the two characters and the two actresses but you put me in pain, damage.

  • Alright - 12 years ago

    Someone is deliberately provoking tempers here, because for someone who claims not to know CSI, he or she sure knows which buttons to push to annoy Sara fans. Methinks there's an AS here.

    That said, I can understand Abby's appeal. I'm a former NCIS fan and she was my favorite character. I stopped watching because I couldn't sit through another hour of Denozo. Abby's appeal has nothing to do with her looks, although she is kinda cute. She's like Penelope on Criminal Minds. A sharp, but slightly odd personality, who's so sweet, it's hard not to love her.

    Sara is a deeper, more complex character. Her vulnerability and heart are what I find particularly appealing. And her looks, too. She is gorgeous.

    But this is all very subjective. My vote went to Sara, and I'm surprised by the huge difference in the results between these two characters. I suspect that CSI's AS faction is helping out Abby fans.

  • Natalie - 12 years ago

    @NoBrainer- Ya know, it doesn't matter what this poll says, its messed up anyway, WE all know that the real winner is JORJA and SARA!!!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!!

  • NoBrainer - 12 years ago

    NoChance -- Sara IS back at the lab. It's complicated. I'll explain the actors' motivation first, and then the characters.
    Jorja left in season eight because she needed a break. Billy left in season nine, because he hadn't done theater since CSI started and wanted to get back to his roots. Jorja came BACK in season 10, because she had done a few other projects and was ready to rejoin the show.

    Character-wise, Sara left in season eight because she had burn-out. Grissom left because he realized what truly made him happy was being with Sara. They found each other, got married, moved to Paris. Sara returned to the team in season 10 because they were down a CSI and needed someone to help. So for the last few seasons, she has been splitting her time between helping out at the lab and being with Grissom.

    And @Natalie, THANK YOU! You are awesome :)

  • Natalie - 12 years ago

    @Maria and who ever else commented about Catherine- I don't like the character anymore. I liked her in the beginning but like starting season 3 she became really cocky and a little stuck up and stuff... I don't like her attitude. SARA SARA SARA ALL THE WAYYYYY!!!!

  • Natalie - 12 years ago

    @Jenna, @I also call bullshit on this!, @NoBrainer- YA'LL ARE SO RIGHT!!!! I'm a HUGE Jorja fan!!!!! She is gorgeous!!! And wonderful and Sara is an amazing character!! Both Jorja as a person and Sara as a character are role models for me!
    And I agree that there's something messed up with the voting system... I vote for Jorja like crazy and her number goes down... I don't know whats up with it!
    All I can say now is- ITS JORJA AND SARA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenna - 12 years ago

    I like Abby, she's cute and fun, but I LOVE Sara Sidle! One of the best, and more complex, characters on TV. She's had some awesome storylines, especially her love story with Grissom. And, Jorja is an awesome human being.

  • Joni - 12 years ago

    I also call...,
    I think that's happening on both sides. I'm voting like mad for Abby and I think a bunch of on both sides are counteracting each other by clicking on VOTE at almost the same time.

  • I also call bullshit on this! - 12 years ago

    Marie why are you so rude? You just disike Sara because she is up against Abby or whatever her name is. You say you prefer Catherine yet you can't even spell her name right. Stop being such a troll!

    On another note, this is a fix. Everytime I vote Sara her number goes down. FIX FIX FIX!

  • NoChance - 12 years ago

    Thanks NoBrainer. I didn't realize that Sara wasn't at the lab anymore. I thought I read something about Jorja returning to the show a couple of seasons ago.

  • NoBrainer - 12 years ago

    NoChance -- No, the character of Grissom left the show because the actor, Billy Petersen, wanted to go out and do other things. Character-wise, Grissom actually left to find Sara, and married her. So they had their happily ever after.

    Lina -- See, I have a problem with people who call Sara a "downer", because that just screams that they don't know anything about her character. If you really did, you'd know Sara's entire backstory and the things she was put through during her first years in Las Vegas, and you'd come to see her as extremely resilient and unbelievably strong and independent. Her character is smart, stubborn and doesn't let anything stop her. She's actually a great role model.

    And finally, if this competition was truly based on looks, Jorja/Sara should win hands down. Pauley is cute and fun, but Jorja is gorgeous.

  • NoChance - 12 years ago

    Thanks Maria. So Grissom must be the older guy who was her boss. Right? Are there rules against that? Is that why the Grissom character is gone now? Did he get fired for having a thing with his subordinate?

  • Lina - 12 years ago

    Call BS all you want. I'm a 46 year-old card-carrying Republican woman with an MBA and I voted for Abby. It doesn't have anything to do with Goth. Sara is such a downer. I don't know how anyone can stand her. Abby has such a great spirit. Even though she dresses Goth, she has a lightness about her that is joyous.

  • Marie - 12 years ago

    N o, that character was Nick. & that was one of the only decent episodes I saw.
    As far as Sara goes, I liked Jorja when she did the short stint on West Wing as Gina but have never been able to stand her as Sara. For females on CSI, it would be Katherine for me. Nothing I like about Sara.

  • NoChance - 12 years ago

    Is Grissom the CSI guy that got buried alive in the one one of the Terintino (spelling) brothers directed? Have to admit, he's rather a hunk.

  • Natalie - 12 years ago

    I understand what your saying, but its supposed to be... darker... i guess is the way to say it. Its all about murder, mysteries, suspense.... The characters love their job and are happy and enjoy what they do. I just love Sara! She's my favorite CSI and I love her and Grissom together! It's a perfect match!

  • NoChance - 12 years ago

    CSI: Tried a couple of times but it was just too dark and depressing. All I could think was:
    "Haven't any of these people ever heard that lightbulbs come in more than 25 watts?" and "Why aren't any of these people happy?" They just all seemed miserable all the time.

  • Natalie - 12 years ago

    Whoa! what?!?!?!? Never liked Sara?!? Never watched CSI?!?! Ya'll are so missing out!! Jorja is the best!!!!! Sara is amazing!!!! She is gorgeous!!!

  • NoChance - 12 years ago

    Never watched the CSI shows. Love NCIS. Voting for Abby.

  • Lola - 12 years ago

    Sara and CSI are *so* last year...Abby and NCIS all the way!!

  • Marie - 12 years ago

    Abby all th way here! This picture doesn't even begin to show the real her. & I've never liked Sara

  • Natalie - 12 years ago

    I think there something wrong with this thing... every time I vote for Jorja, her number goes down... and the other girls number goes up... that's not right!

  • Natalie - 12 years ago

    VOTE JORJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes gorgeous!!!!!!! OMG!!! Shes Beautiful!!

  • I'm calling bullshit on this - 12 years ago

    You can tell that there are a group of goths constantly voting for the NCIS chick. There is no other reasonable explanation why she would be pulling in more votes. What a fix. If this was a one vote per person system the results would actually reflect real opinion. What a disappointment...

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