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Who is more crushable? (Poll Closed)


  • BeautifulSoul - 11 years ago

    I can't believe with the comments here how people can be so ignorant. Before you say anything, know the facts first. EMILY PROCTER NEVER HAD BOTOX!!!! If you bother to watch CSI Miami episodes especially "Backfire"- the scene where she had a coughing fit her face was all wrinkly and she even joked about it in the video commentary that people look away. Besides, being most crushable for me is more than just skin deep.I adore Emily Procter because she is one hell of a beauty inside out.

    Her fans are very much confident on Emily's popularity. I am sure she'll appreciate her fans for being very loyal and supportive of her.

  • Noname - 11 years ago

    Oh please all fans even the rissoli fans have probably voted more than once. Just because of some fans of Emily p have brag about it does not mean they are the only ones who do it. And why you have to talk about fansite of Emily saying that they do not have a faith on her talent that was very rude of you.

  • Keep It Honest - 11 years ago

    Yea, unfortunately No Rose Covered Glasses is correct. Procter fans are notorious for falling asleep at their computers while they vote over and over again on these types of polls trying to make sure Procter wins. They do brag about it on Procter sites. They know, for all their claims she is so popular, that if they didn't do that she wouldn't come close to winning any poll. That is pathetic! If I were Procter I'd be humiliated that her own fans have so little faith in her popularity. They even have some site that campaigns for her to get some kind of award. She can't seem to get one using her own talent.

  • the reader - 11 years ago

    Unfortunately Joanna,even though Rizzoli really should be the winner,the poll didn't close after 72 hours like it should have. Emily/Calleigh fans are still voting and it looks as if they will catch up.

  • Joanna - 11 years ago

    Ummm... Jane is the obvious winner here... Rizzoli and Isles forever! ♥

  • Elyn - 11 years ago

    Go Calleigh!

  • Lalala - 11 years ago

    People still hating on Emily. Pathetic.

    She's still more crushable.

  • Emily - 11 years ago

    Goooooooooooo Calleigh(my southern soul sister)!!!!!!!!!!

  • NoChance - 11 years ago

    Poll isn't about "best character" but "Most Crushable". In any case, Rizzoli wins both categories for me.

  • No Rose Cover Glasses - 11 years ago

    Oh, and one more thing. Procter fans have been known to stay up all night voting for her in online polls like this that allow more than one vote because they are so obsessed with making sure she wins anything put out there with her name on it. And they're right proud of their ballot stuffing. So Harmon fans best be prepared for the on-slaught.

  • No Rose Cover Glasses - 11 years ago

    Actually, No Chance is right and Procter has admitted to using Botox. I sincerely doubt that Botox is all she's done. She had quite the trout-pout for a while there. Looks like she went in and had that reduced some. Harmon is not only a natural beauty but the better actress with a more interesting character. Harmon is actually believable when she acts tough. Procter is laughable when she tries to look like she's in charge and thinks she knows what she's doing. Procter should stick to comedy. She's great at that. But with drama she stinks.

  • lolololol - 11 years ago

    ^ AGREED.

  • Lalala - 11 years ago

    Emily is beautiful. End of.

  • Beth - 11 years ago

    We're not voting on who has had botox or not, we're voting on the best character. Stay on topic.

    and you mean *to

    Emily/Calleigh ftw. Even if she doesnt win, she IS the best character in most of our eyes.


  • ken - 11 years ago

    Go EMILY, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NoChance - 11 years ago

    Two ^ How would you know that? I work in a Doctors office and know a botoxed forehead when I see one. Eyebrows don't move. Forehead doesn't move. Not a single line. That's not even true when a person is in their mid-20s without "help".
    I thought she was beautiful when she did 'The West Wing' a few years back. She's still pretty but I prefer a more natural look.

  • Cherie - 11 years ago

    Definitely Calleigh Duquesne!!!

  • ^ - 11 years ago

    Who caaaaares? Emily didn't get botox. Drop the subject.

    Emily is beautiful. Leave her alone. Damn.

  • NoChance - 11 years ago

    When your eyebrows don't move and neither does your forehead it's Botox. It's a choice a lot of actresses in show biz make and I wish they'd stop. It's just not natural for the face not to show expression. She's got a great smile but her face not moving is off-putting.

  • Nicole - 11 years ago

    Jane FTW

  • Denise - 11 years ago

    Definitely Jane.

  • Shelley - 11 years ago

    They are both lovely, but I do prefer CSI: Miami to Rizzoli & Isles, so I say Calleigh.

  • Evalyn - 11 years ago

    Calleigh!!! and she has never had botox get your facts right people!

  • dhkjASGDFLSHDFA - 11 years ago

    I agree, Alexa. Even if she doesn't win, she's the better character.

  • Joni - 11 years ago

    Jane. All dressed up or in her normal jeans and a t-shirt she's simply beautiful.

  • Alexa - 11 years ago

    Calleigh all the way!! She's hotter! But it doesn't matters if she wins or lose, she's hotter anyways!

  • Sarah - 11 years ago

    Calleigh. She doesn't look like a man.

  • NoChance - 11 years ago

    Jane Rizzoli. Naturally pretty and no botox that makes her forehead not move.

  • Elisa - 11 years ago

    Calleigh of course! She's the best. I'm team Calleigh for LIFE! =)

  • Lina - 11 years ago

    I'm Team Calleigh as well. Interesting how all the comments are for Calleigh but the vote is favoring Rizzoli...

  • Muryu - 11 years ago

    Calleigh!! Calleigh!! Calleigh!! only

  • Erika Young - 11 years ago

    No matter what #Team Calleigh all the way. We know who the real winner should be. CSI:MIAMI"s Finest and Top Leading Lady CALLEIGH!!!!!!!!!!! Luv you.

  • Sophia - 11 years ago

    Calleigh!! She's a babe.

  • Karolina - 11 years ago

    Definitely the very beautiful and incredibly smart Calleigh.

  • Mayra Cansigno - 11 years ago


  • Beth - 11 years ago


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