Do you agree with the Prime Minister that the division of Dhaka will ensure better delivery of service to the people ?

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Poll posted 8 years ago.


  • Maliha - 8 years ago

    We have to suffer very badly later..we will loose our place...They r planning to save their place in anyway..but what about our place??? please everyone raise your voice..because if we do not come to save our mother then who will do it for us?????

  • Maliha - 8 years ago

    Do they think that Bangladesh is Palestine? Do they think they divide it same like Palestine????? Is it soooo easy to divide our place..who the hell r they to decide it to divide "OUR" place???? Please please please every educated peolpe..please raise ur voice..if we don't raise our voice against it then we will loose our our place..we can't keep quite because we have suffer later...they r trying to play on us forever..

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