Who do you hold most responsible for the emergency situation in Attawapiskat?

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Posted 7 years.


  • ante - 7 years ago

    IT IS MY OPINION___Historically, our white anglo saxons that first colonated this country established I believe reserves for those that historically first settled this land.The land belongs to the federal government---so the first settlers were not allowed to own any land---Some one hundred fifty years later the Feds still own the land!!Is it any wonder that these first people predominately remain in such poverty conditions!!!And this attitude towards this group continues to be perpetuated.Our current federal government I believe has billions upon billions for our military and for fighting wars abroad for no useful purpose in my opinion but --abject poverty and educational opportunities evades most of these first people.When governments get serious and work in close proximity with these people to improve their life chances--this situation sadly will deteriorate even further.Yet we accept immigration in large numbers and are willing to provide the newcomers with housing and total integration with language and skills for preparing to live here.In my opinion, it is a disgrace how governments ignore the plight of these people.In the USA many were allowed to own land--they have done very well.I believe Harper will make sure we get the fighter jets first before improving the plight of our first people.

  • Sally Stewart - 7 years ago

    Evan, please, you cannot allow anyone to further that ancient nonsence that natives will destroy homes built for them in two years.......utter absolute nonsense!Have a CBC staff photographer come to Manitoulin Island and see our native homes, they would perhaps put the great Joanne's to shame. She should be sanctioned for that racist remark.

  • carol wilson - 7 years ago

    The leadership of First Nation want Selfgovernment with no accountablity. That is what is wrong with Attawgsiskat and most reserves across Canada. The canadian governments hand over millions to First Nations. Many reserves are run by Indian Mafia. Many do try but there is no expertise and a there is a huge lack of education. They are now in control of Education on reserves. CBC should do a report on that. It is a mess. Education is the answer to most of the problems. The biggest young labor force in Canada are living on reserves twiddling their thumbs because they do not have the education or traning to fill jobs which we are bringing in people from other countries to fill. EDUCATION IS THE ANSWER

  • Ray O'Toole - 7 years ago

    Both the Feds and the First Nation should be ashamed of the condition. The information provided indicates that there was 92 million dollars provided to the First Nation over a 6 year period. I presume that the Band Council would be the group in concert with their residents on how best to spend this money. One wonders who in the Band would be accountable for the allocation of the funds. The other issue would be who in the Federal Gov't is reviewing the financial statements to ensure that the funds are being properly accounted for and used for the betterment of all in the First Nation. The people of Canada need to know who is going to be held accoutable for this shameful condtion to ensure that it does not happen again.

  • Tom Mirus - 7 years ago

    Here we go again. Another irresponsisble Indian Band trashs the image of all the rest.......and thier National Leader Mr. Atleo runs iterference for them on CBC as if the band has no fault in their situation. Ninety two million in 7 years???? Mr Atleo talks smart and smooth but unfortunately does damage to his own creditabiltiy in what he speaks.
    It sure would be nice to see the federal government and Mr Atleos oraganization strike a committee to look into this terrible situation and work together toward recommended solutions. Yes this could possibly be impossible to do objectively in the arena of white man/Indian politicians steadfastly supporting thier own camp no matter what. Diplomaticaly the finger must be pointed at who is at fault to make sure it does not happen again. Canadian people ( all of us including first nations) must feel trust in the treatys we all signed. If an Indian band has messed up and the federal government did not have responsible oversight in place...... guess who screwed up.... Yep, all of us. Lets hold THEM responsible

  • P. Armstrong - 7 years ago

    I cannot bear to listen again to that government mouthpiece with his repetitive bafflegab. Really, we're all responsible in some measure for conditions on First Nations reserves. This is not a new story; only the place name is new. The narrative must change, and soon.

  • Gord Savage - 7 years ago

    Hello Evan:
    This is so disgusting.
    Been going on for far too long this type of
    administrative issues.
    There are issues on both sides of the matter.
    Lets get some fresh thinking and the
    right people in the ranks to move
    this matter forward.
    Too much old luggage.
    This is a matter that needs some serious attention
    across this county.
    We have the money to do it so lets get on with it.
    A little less talk and a lot more action.
    Gord Savage

  • Don Guillemette - 7 years ago

    The Federal and Provincial government have done all they can do to help them. What needs to be done is have an investigation to find out what happenned to the money they've received from our governments and were it was spent and hold them fully responsible for the outcome.

  • Tom Haney - 7 years ago

    The Assembly of First Nations should think long and hard before they advocate scrapping the Indian Act. A lot of non aboriginal Canadians want to scrap the Act as well, but for very different reasons. Canadians of all origins deserve better than having a race based Act artificially dividing our population.
    It is repugnant and it should be scrapped.

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