Is more financial oversight the answer to the problems on the Attawapiskat First Nation?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Bob Chamberlain - 7 years ago

    After spending a number of years working for INAC in Funding Services and Transfer Payment, I can only say that something is very wrong here. Department Employees would not have allowed the health and safety of individuals, or for that matter the physical Infrastructure of the First Nation, to deteriorate to the level that it is now at, without National Headquarters and the Minister’s Office being aware. You can bet a year’s salary that you will find all kinds of briefing notes about the issue at Headquarters and in the Minister’s Office. The very fact that the First Nation was under Co-Management is obvious evidence that the Minister’s Office was aware of the situation, and why the level of interventions was not escalated to Third Party Management, in accordance with the Department’s own policy, long before this is bewildering to me.
    From all appearances this issue has long since elapsed the capacity of a Third Party Manager. A Third Party Manager (TPM) is put in place to manage the existing funding agreement and to eliminate debt. I believe that the TPM fees still come out of the funds provided to the Band by INAC (or whatever they call the dept now). Additional funding is going to be required, and from the look of things on TV more than just a few dollars.

    BTW the buck stops with the Minister and the fact that he is blaming this whole situation on the Department and an Opposition MP is a sign of how SICK our federal government really is.

  • ante - 7 years ago

    Reminds me of the 50 million Clement spent in his riding without any accountability for the G20 summit!!The problem I believe is endemic throughout every government bureaucracy.What will our cost be for the 60 some f35s that Harper has on order??I believe the contract is carte blanke--could be any amount yet not determined!!!And this is our hard earned tax dollars being wasted I believe!

  • Dean Cromarty - 7 years ago

    3rd Party Management will not solve the problem. The funding agreements already stipulate how the money must be spent. There are different types of agreements being used. The role of 3rd party manager is usually to eliminate deficits or resolve problems using existing approved budgets. So it will only prolong the problem unless there's an infusion of new revenues to resolve the current crisis. The agreements are designed to be acountable to the federal government. The federal government must bear responsibility for what is occuring.

    Dean, Wunnumin Lake First Nation.

  • Stewing - 7 years ago

    The current system is broken ! Deal with the emergency and then find a long term solution that will work on all reserves !

  • Alex Geddes - 7 years ago

    Why hasn't CBC asked the Health Canada's First Nation Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) why this Department who has many qualified aboriginals in place who are supposedly monitoring and working these First Nation communities how the money was spent or misdirected to administration or to other programs. Charile Angus brings this up now? He is the MP for this area and was he asleep at the wheel? Why wasn't he yelling and screaming about this before? Very political as usual. From my experience management of these programs are a nightmare as often auditors bring up the issue and problems but the findings get lost or removed as the Aboriginal leaders complain and everyone gets political and the community is the loser. The Grand Chief should quite being political and stand up to clean up how Chiefs and their Band Councils handle how the flow of money is spent.

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