What's your feeling about cutting the cord to cable TV?

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  • philyss teen - 8 years ago

    I haven't had a TV in three years and it's one of the the best life choices I've ever made. what's even on anymor?. The kardashians, real housewives, mtv that hasn't shown music videos since the early ninetees... people watch it because it's there. I read an article about the state of American culture that equated watching tv to a random cake being on your table. whether you bought it on purpose or not, if it's there you'll probably eat it. And I'm in my mid twenties so i'm not fussing about the kids these days. TV is currently ridiculous and a waste of time.

  • Heather - 8 years ago

    When I paid for it, I felt obligated to sit & watch what I was paying for. So all I seemed to do was sit & watch TV. When I moved I decided to not get cable, & I have not regretted it. I can still watch the basic chanels, for free, but I also have more time to move off the couch & enjoy the world.

  • Jack Martin - 8 years ago


  • mark - 8 years ago

    iv cut the cable for tv from my local provider. i only now have an internet connection with them. i use a hd antenna an a old tower hooked to my tv now. i can watch what channels an show i want to now an at what times. iv even cut my phone line from ma bell an use only a magic jack for a phone line with out any problems. so now i use my internet connection more an more as a way to cut other cost.

  • J Yost - 8 years ago

    Ironically, I use a cable company for internet access and phone service, but not for television!
    Long live PBS!

  • Raydean Drper - 8 years ago

    Love PBS, Local news, and great movies that have no commercials. I like Germany TV. Commercials are only allowed at the end of the show. I am sick of watching commercial interruptions. The national news has commercial interruptions longer in time then their news stories. I only watch recorded shows so I can zap the commercials.

  • Melikey - 8 years ago

    i have a bundle of something for the cable company.

  • Cleo - 8 years ago

    I have gone to the bare minimum package with my provider. That way I get the major networks as well as PBS. Lost the channels where I could watch the sports that I enjoy, but it's a small cost for not paying for ALL of the crap that is available. I want to choose what I watch, not have it chosen for my by adding on more and more inferior products. It is an insult to our intelligence as mentioned previously.

  • frank - 8 years ago

    in the beginning one of the pirks of cabel was that there were no comircals becaus you were paying for the service. so sponcers /comircals were not needed. now not only have they disreguarded the viewers desire to not watch the comircals ,they now have channels devoted to nothing but infomircals .i do not like being marketed to at all,never minde pay $ to have it in my face.

  • carol doyon - 8 years ago

    the price are outrageousely high,especially when the quality of programing is so poor compare to what it was!!!all those reality shows ,so tired of them....it is an insult to our intelligence.. futhermore you cannot even choose your programing to get one station you have to get the bundle that its in!!! we really are stupid to put up with all that bull they feed you...hopefully that is starting to change,i for one is looking into what is available...enough is enough...

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