Should we get a real tree now?

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  • Teri - 12 years ago

    We bought our tree last week, but have it in a bucket of water in the backyard. This is a scheduling thing though - we just haven't had the time to put it up yet. I say go for it! Get the tree now and keep it watered. Most of my family puts up trees the day after Thanksgiving and they do fine. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, whenever I am given a choice between "joy" or "wait for joy" - I choose joy! :)

  • Denise - 12 years ago

    We buy the tree early (in order to secure a good one!) but don't put it up until closer to Christmas. It stands in the garden, or rather leans against something, sometimes in a bucket of water. It's a mixture of both waiting and getting. A reasonable Grinch? :D

  • Catherine - 12 years ago

    That's great to hear - thanks for the tree tip. :)

  • Amy - 12 years ago

    We buy and decorate ours every year over the weekend following Thanksgiving. As long as you keep it away from heating vents and fireplaces and you're diligent about keeping it watered, it'll still look great even the week after Christmas!

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