You Feeling Greg Oden To The Heat?

  • Adrian Fern - 9 years ago

    @Terrance Watkins...umm, sucks for the other teams in the league. The Heat are trying to win a championship not be fair to the lesser teams in the NBA.

  • Terrance Watkins - 9 years ago

    I think its POINTLESS. Why do Miami need Greg Oden they already have Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony. Miami is trying to take all the best basketball player its not fair to all the other teams in the NBA.

  • j - 9 years ago

    how many first round picks did portland have that ended in the same manner as that of oden huh... either they're cursed, or portland has something waiting for them to happen.

  • whatever - 9 years ago

    Other players were willing to go to the heat for less money because they had already made a lot of money, this isn't the case for Greg Oden who hasn't had a big pay day, this makes very little sense.

  • Terrence Johnson - 9 years ago

    I agree with you, Amitpal. After all the time and money the Blazers have invested in Oden, it could definitely be considered a low-blow if he decided to head to Miami. However, looking at the business end through Oden's perspective, heading towards Miami could be just the thing he needs to jumpstart his less-than-satisfying (not to mention lucrative) NBA career.

    While the Blazers ARE moving up in the basketball world, no one could truthfully admit they are on the same level as the Heat talent-wise, fame-wise (even if this is notoriety), or with regards to being championship contenders. In either market, Oden would most certainly not be the poster-boy of the franchise. This begs for the question, "Why on Earth would Oden ever stay with the Blazers when he could go to the Heat?" to be answered. Staying in Portland would net Oden an additional $3 million in the upcoming year, and perhaps more in the near future. However, the image that Oden could create in a larger market such as Miami could be potentially worth much more than this relatively small increase, down the road.

    Rather than being "that liability we've been waiting for, for years, who no longer has the potential to be the superstar he could have been due to a long list of injuries" in Portland, Oden could be "the missing piece of the championship puzzle, who heroically came to South Beach and pushed us over the edge" in Miami. Not only could this move net him rings, but it could also boost Oden's image and potentially net him a huge contract with another team a few years down the road, due to being a championship center. In turn, leading to greater fame, influence, and future endorsement deals.

  • Amitpal Bains - 9 years ago

    Greg oden owes it to the blazers and their fans for all the dissapointing season he's had. Don't forget he was chosen above Durant, a superstar player, and he has done nothing but sit on the bench injured. Oden owes the blazer a free season. Even after all that happened blazers still beleive in him and Oden shouldn't dissapoint again. Oden leaving Blazers would be worse then Lebron leaving cavs. At least lebron did everything he could to help the team win.

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