What's your pick for the best commercial of 2011?

  • Navin Johnson - 9 years ago

    well, i guess 10 good ones out of 1 million crappy ones is about as good as it gets in advertising...

  • Eva - 9 years ago

    @Elisabeth. Mr. Daniel Lee was leaving a wonderful scrapbook/letters to his daughter that she could treasure as an adult. Haven't the majority of us wanted to see our own baby books and pictures and remember our childhoods? Perhaps to share them with our own children. She will have her own father's memories as well. This commercial had me wanting to jump up and download my pictures and video with Google immediately...very effective!

  • Kevin - 9 years ago

    For Steve the guy who maade the first comment, obviously you are a little envious. That is to be understood amoung car fanatics, but if you look at the numbers instead of your drivel, Volkswagen sold more Passats in the 2 months after that commercial than all of 2010 combined. This piece was too brilliant for people to forget, and I will add their NEW TEASER VW commercial for 2012 is outpacing the success of this commercial. Go bitch somewhere else Steve!!

  • Steve - 9 years ago

    I've sold ads for a living for 25 years. The choice for the #1 ad by Adweek is unsurprisingly appalling, since it was chosen by creative people...people who like to pat themselves on the back about how brilliantly creative they are, rather than by people who actually have to, you know... sell things. How many VWs did that ad sell? Zero. (The immense national ad BUDGET might have sold some cars, but not the creative itself). What did that ad tell you about how great the car was? It told you nothing. It showed a a shiny car sitting still, just like 1000 other ads have shown you shiny cars sitting still. The ad was very cute, I sincerely enjoyed it immensely -- as a short film. David Ogilvy used to ask, when one of his underlings would come up with a cute ad: "Yes, but what does it sell?" Every week our station receives cute ads from huge ad agencies like Deutsch that employ all sorts of "geniuses" with awards on their shelves. And we run those ads on-air and people say "Wow! So cool!" ....but then later the audience can't even recall who the client was. The best ad here was Nissan's. Congrats to TBWA for being creative AND making you think AND telling you why the car is special. A close 2nd for me for CHI's Talk Talk ad.

  • Elisabeth - 9 years ago

    I wonder why Mr. Daniel Lee was so out of the picture that he had to communicate through google with her own daughter? Elisabeth

  • Cammy - 9 years ago

    Why no mention of British Airways' "To Fly. To Serve"?! So brightly written and directed...My take for 2011.

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