Should There Be Girls In The Next Donk, Box & Bubble?


  • irvin - 11 years ago

    the girls are great by the cars.

  • "Indy" Wendy - 11 years ago

    I think the models are good for the magazine, but I would like to see models who actually have cool rides do the modeling. A girl who shares the same interests as a man with love of a cool ride. A girl can be just as sexy in blue jeans, heels and a low cut top. I did read previous comments that some men voiced that they would like to see a model with a bigger booty (more junk in the trunk) doing the modeling.

    I've never done modeling, but I think I could give those skinny girls a run for their money! lol
    Give me a call if you decide to go with girls who have curves (36-28-42).

  • kmoneyy - 11 years ago

    Yea like straight up the donk magazine should have more cars from the streets and car shows..the celeberties should have nothing in this magazine.. give the streets some shine to dnt get me wrong the celeberties whips be clean but thats not all we want to see.. and most def keep the models in there,us dudes always wanna see some out be easyy

  • KiJuan Mootrie - 11 years ago

    Yeah, I think that y'all should put the models back in the "Donk, Box, and Bubble" mag. because they add more of a kick to the magazine. But, I do think y'all should change up the magazine a little. Don't get me wrong it's nice, but it could be way better. I think y'all should try to make "Donk" more like "Rides", but better. Like, have some celebrities in there that have donks talking about there donks and showing them off. Show pictures of donks at car shows, have a picture contest, and some how incorporate technology into there. Just make it more interesting. The models can only do it for so long. So, a combination of all of this will make a great magazine, special since y'all only make it once a year

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