Best 'Who Do I Catch' Cover?

  • Tuuurdle - 10 years ago

    LOL holy shit, gmo-skee just informed me of this. This is fucking embarrassing.
    If you wanna give me a chance to redeem myself, here's the redone version;

  • Austin - 10 years ago

    I HAVE to go with the girl simply for the fact she doesn't make weird ass faces and lick her lips every 10-15 seconds. "That's not a fair vote", yeah, and you probably kick puppies. Who's worse?

  • Troy - 10 years ago

    Gotta go with dude reppin NorCals Raiders in the background! Home away from home here in SacTown! Grrr!

  • iamthatiam - 10 years ago

    they should both leave it to the pros but the girls pretty cute

  • MC' - 10 years ago

    i think i can whoop em both.. rappin in my car! TECH N9NE

  • King - 10 years ago

    tha girlz pretty but denver got it way better i like hiz style but yall should check my kove of techz verse of 'Give It Up'

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