Do you support moving to online student evaluations?

  • Charlotte Twombly - 10 years ago

    I have concerns about moving course evaluation online.

    Although the collection and presentation of the collected data will be easier and less costly, there seem to me a number of unanswered questions.

    Currently full time faculty have two classes evaluated each fall semester. Would changing to online student evaluations mean that ALL of our courses will be evaluated each fall? With ease of evaluation would evaluation occur every semester? I think that the number of evaluated courses and the frequency of the evaluation needs to be discussed and formally voted on by full time faculty if changes are made to the current arrangement of two classes in the fall semester.

    Besides possible low numbers for online evaluations, the students who do reply will most likely not be representative of the students in the class.

    Being certain that students are filling out forms individually or that that class students are actually the ones filling out the evaluations are two additional concerns.

  • Jill Kronstadt - 10 years ago

    I can support online evaluations if:

    1) the evaluations are made MUCH shorter and the questions are revised
    2) mechanisms are put in place for the students to fill out evaluations during class time
    3) there were a minimum response rate, below which the evaluations won't be considered
    4) we have an opportunity to comment on guidelines for how the evaluations can be used.

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