<b>Von Hoffman Award 2011</b> (Poll Closed)

Posted 7 years.


  • theBitterFig - 7 years ago

    Walt deserves significantly more of the vote for this, even if it doesn't win. Deserves 15-25% at least. That's a pretty major blunder, with several regimes in the middle east toppled in a very short time.

    Yes, Rubin was way off base with knee-jerk propaganda. Yes, Andrew was ultimately wrong about Sarah, but she was actively fostering the will-she-won't-she speculation. But Walt missed the entire Arab Spring. I'm ultimately fine with other winners, but the lopsidedness bugs me.

  • Sammael - 7 years ago

    Sarah Palin "ran for president" more than that guy was a "jihadist."

  • Mark Johnson - 7 years ago

    But Andrew qualified his statement. "We'll see.... I hope...." And his prediction was not totally unreasonable.

    Jennifer R. was making an outrageous claim without any kind of qualification or reflection. I don't see why it being propaganda makes it any less wrong.

    Let's stop giving these clowns some kind of handicap for being morally and intellectually stunted. Wrong is wrong.

  • Bunker Hill - 7 years ago

    Stephen Walt deserves this award. He is a serious analyst who missed a social tsunami that was foreshadowed by the Iranian green revolution. Guessing what Sarah was going to do is a mugs game if I ever saw one. Jennifer is so wrong on so many things that I wonder why anyone cares any more.

  • Susan Brassfield Cogan - 7 years ago

    Jennifer was wrong, but she was just bullshitting. She was outgassing propaganda. Andrew was simply and sincerely wrong about something he should have been able to see coming.

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