Do you agree with the league's decision to suspend James Harrison?

Posted 7 years.


  • Allison - 7 years ago

    Harrison is a big man and a hard tackler. Colt McCoy is a little boy who's dad can't even handle watching him play (it's the NFL, dad. Concussions happen every day). This hit was no more vicious than half the good hits in the NFL but because it IS Harrison, the league feels it has to make a point. We're in week 15, 208 games played, and this is the first suspension for an illegal hit? There are dozens of examples of hits worse than this and far more "illegal". Go ahead and fine him. But don't bring political BS into a game defined by hard tackling and harder players. This suspension was entirely meant to prove a point to Harrison and nothing to do with actually protecting the players (Suh only got two games?). Goodell is somewhere wetting with pants with excitement right now.

  • Jenn - 7 years ago

    What a joke! Really..... It's football! Get a clue! McCoy and Harrison had a nice pat on the shoudler after the fact! Goodell is pathetic. Maybe he should target other players through out the league besides the one who hate him becasue he is a horrible Commissioner . Repeat offender my butt! More like target practice and Goodell is the one aiming! Get a clue, again it's football! It's not flag football or soccer. I hate to see what some ppl would think if they were watching Rugby and this hit was made! Hilarious!

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    Harrison is a repeat offender. A one game suspension is being to soft on him. If you make rules to protect quarterbacks, then you have one person that repeatedly breaks those rules at some point you need to make it apparent to the offender that it would be in his best interest to comply. A one game suspension isn't going to affect him. Punishment should escalate on repeat offenders.

  • riccardo - 7 years ago

    the only thing that will stop thugs like harrison is jail time....sit down with a time out until you learn to play nice (by the rules) many more3 chances do you want to give the guy?

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    First of all as soon as he is in the act of leaving the pocket and running with the ball it is a clean hit, doesn't matter how hard he is hit it is still clean. It is Roger Goddell who is behind the scenes hitting the people he doesn't like with severe penalties. There is no such thing as consistency and if you believe there is then you must be a player in the NFL and taken one to many shots to the head.

    Also there are the referees who already know who they like and they do not like. So you can watch a game and see who is getting the calls made against them for the hits. If the ref's were held accountable then there would be consistency but until then it should be considered Flag football like earlier suggested.

  • ron - 7 years ago

    Harrison is a big strong linebacker,McCoy is small and a little on the fragile side so the "hit" looked worse than if it had been on Rothslisberger.He shuld not have been suspended.If he wanted to hurt McCoy intentionally he could have done more harm.

  • Mickey - 7 years ago

    McCoy was running with the ball before trying to throw at the last second. Running backs don't have the same protections when they have the ball so why should a quarterback who's running with the ball? Granted McCoy got rid of the ball just before he crossed the line but Harrison was already committed to the motion he was in. You see this a lot lately, there needs to be a difference between an incidental hit and an intended one. Under the new rules if a line man pushes you into the QB you'd draw the flag.

  • Rob - 7 years ago

    He always leads with the helmet, so it needs to be addressed

  • Tony - 7 years ago

    Suspension, OK. The hit was just as bad as Ray-Ray's on Hines Ward...Ray gets away with is the consistency.

  • DAVE - 7 years ago

    Here is a survey for you....of the 8000+ votes to suspend, how many of you are steeler haters?

  • McVizzle - 7 years ago

    First, I'd like to say that I agree with another fine. But a suspension? COME ON.

    The NFL asks guys to play the game hard, to play fierce. And then they suspend James Harrison, one of the best in the league at playing hard for all four quarters? The only message they send is a mixed one.

    This isn't like the Suh or Haynesworth stomping cases. What Harrison does happens between the whistles, like its supposed to. For the most part, he stays out of trouble off the field.

    I just don't understand how Harrison gets suspended one game for hitting a running QB, albeit in the head, and Suh stomps on a guy after the whistle and only gets a two game suspension.

    And how about Brandon Pettigrew? Is the league just going to turn a blind eye to him shoving an official in week 13?

    I'm a Cowboys fan. I hate the Steelers, and every day that passes Roger Goddell makes me sympathize with the Steelers more and more. I'm with Harrison -- I hate Goddell.

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    One last comment...if you watched the game, Harrison and McCoy had a very cordial atta boy moment giving each other pat....the hit wasn't malicious. McCoy showed a lot out there and took the hit like a man...

  • jayson kamoss - 7 years ago

    Football is a violent sport...Errrrr it was a violent sport...QB's are treated like royalty and are given undue protection. Last time I checked everyone on the field is wearing helmets and pads...You don't want to get whacked, don't try to "dupe" the player. If a QB tucks the ball and runs, he should be treated like a RB, not a QB. The play was bang, bang...Kind of hard to redirect your body after it's been launched. Everything in the NFL is to the offenses advantage; WR's and TE's are protected, PK and punters are protected...Are their similar rules to protect the DT's, DB's, LB's, S,FS???? No, just the offense....Injuries come with the territory and they all know it from an early age....All you Roger Goodell types are ruining contact sports as we know it.....It's silver spoon fed "suits" who have never played the sport who are ruining it...

    I guess our next world war will be played out on a game board...Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.....

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    this is crap...I am a Steelers fan and I'm not sure what should happen....what I am sure of is the NFL needs some credibility. So, Harrison is suspensed because of basically a foot. If McCoy had been one foot further, he would have been considered a runner and the hit is fine. My problem is, a hit is a hit whether its a runner or not. At the goal line stand in that game, a browns linebacker lowered his head and torpedoed Mendenhall right in the face and almost took hit head off, but because he's a runner that's ok...? Are you kidding me? CREDIBILITY...the NFL shows Harrisons hit in SLOMO but in real game speed that is less than a second. Again, if he's one foot closer and an established runner the hit is ok...what message does that send about players safety.

  • Watso63 - 7 years ago

    When the QB takes off running out of the pocket he becomes a running back. If the "sissy ass" QB's can't hang then stay in the pocket. I hope Harrison keeps pounding the crap out of anyone coming his way. Harrison is doing what he gets paid to do! Gronk is the douchebag in this one!

  • dave c - 7 years ago

    mike, that's ridiculous. You lose the right to blast the quarterback when you see him throw the ball. If you're going for a sack and you don't know the ball is gone, that's one thing, but you can't tackle a guy who doesn't have the ball, and you can't hit helmet-to-helmet like that anyway. What Harrison did is not football, it's thuggery. A one game suspension is generous.

  • Beth - 7 years ago

    I am an avid, die-hard Steelers fan, and I still believe this suspension was just. In fact, I'm quite surprised (although somewhat relieved) that was wasn't suspended for longer than one game. I also believe that the Browns should have done a better job in assessing Colt McCoy and should not have let him back into the game. He clearly suffered a concussion during the hit, and even said in an interview that he doesn't remember the rest of the game after the hit.

  • mike b - 7 years ago

    Don't like the Steelers and don't like Harrison...but this is ridiculous. They are supposedly interested in protecting defenseless players.

    Quarterbacks are in a prone position standing in the pocket throwing, as are kickers kicking, and receivers in the act of catching the ball. Ok fine, don't agree with all of it, but can at least see where they are prone.

    A quarterback who has tucked the ball and run out of the pocket?? He's a runner and should be able to be hit same as a runningback. He's still afforded the oppritunity to slide to avoid being hit...but if he wants to extend the play and not go down in the face of one of the NFL's fiercest hitters...then he deserves to be smashed. Colt McCoy showed some balls to take the hit to deliver the ball...and Harrison made him pay. That was football and there shouldn't have been a flag, no fine and certainly no suspension.

  • david - 7 years ago

    football is a ruff sport maybe they should but skirts on the quaterbacks
    as far as the steelers being douchbags just goes the show best part of you ran down your mother leg

  • tony - 7 years ago

    i still dont agree with the rules quarterbacks get paid to l ay too so whats up with all the new rules and how do we vote to get roger godell out of the nfl he sucks i agree with james harrison 100% of the way

  • mike alth - 7 years ago

    Im far from a steelers fan but its football I watch NFL football for those big hits and Harrison is a hard hitter so bc he hurts people he's not aloud to play that bull crap if u can't hit them make it 2 hand touch and see how many viewers u get and if the line would block for there quarterback he wouldn't hurt them

  • Gronk - 7 years ago

    Wow, Steelers are real douchebags but Harrison ? Man, he's the worst...

  • Zach - 7 years ago

    Given he's a repeat offender and seems to be dis-interested in having any respect for the game, I think it should have been longer, 2 maybe even 3 games. This guy is a thug and doesn't seem to think he's the problem...the worst kind of person.

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