Which team will win the rights to Yu Darvish?


  • Renee Schoenmann - 11 years ago

    I hear what everyone is saying about the Japanese pitching track record, but there is always an exception to the rule. This guy sounds like he has it all. Given that the Yankees need pitching desperately, I think they should go for it!! He can't be any worse than A.J. The yanks need to take a chance on someone who could possibly get them another world series victory!!! Who else is out there that could do it???

  • EJ - 11 years ago

    Alright. I don't know who will win Yu, my best bet is that its either Toronto or another team not listed here. I feel that it would be an unwise decision on the Yankees to get this man based on their own personal track record with pitchers in Japan, and in a couple of years their two prospects, Banuelos and Betances will reach the majors. If the Yanks were not confident in these two, Gio Gonzalez would be in pinstripes right now. Boston doesn't need him either, they have a solid 3 with Daisuke and Lakey coming back, plus we just learned about their luxury tax issue. Not much payroll to play with anymore.

    Mariners have the cash, but do they really need more pitching than offense? Only an idiot would pick the A's. They are having some money issues and trading away Cahill and possibly Gio and then signing $100million on this guy is nuts. The Nationals are a smart pick to, but I don't see them signing him, I think their looking at Strasburg returning and I think that they are confident that they can win and compete with their young pitching a few years from now (maybe even 2013)

    That leaves the Blue Jays and Rangers. Please know that Toronto wants to make a splash this offseason and that even though the Rangers are said to be not interested with a fixed rotation, they are not ones to forget about.

    Other teams I'd look out for are the Reds because they wanted a frontline starter and for some reason are hesitant on trading either their top 1st basemen prospect in Alonso or perennial MVP candidate Joey Votto. Royals could be another dark horse because they are expecting an increase and payroll from the All Star Game, plus they do need pitching, and maybe even the Cardinals if thats the direction they want to take after Pujols leaving yet I find the latter unlikely.

  • Billy - 11 years ago

    Cardinals get him!!!!
    Come on mozealik

  • TM - 11 years ago

    i love the yanks, and think he's a good pitcher. but extremely afraid bc of igawa and well dice k wasn't exactly the cy young people thought he'd be...mixed reviews about what to do with darvish from me

  • Joe M - 11 years ago

    Bidding closes tomorrow, so I guess tomorrow maybe?

  • jamiedew - 11 years ago

    when will we find out who wins the bid?

  • RJS - 11 years ago

    David O'Brian has a great point. It is impossible for there to be a great MLB pitcher from Japan.

    O'Brian... a mic racist, who would have thought?

  • David O'Brian - 11 years ago

    Who cares? The track record for Japanese pitchers is legendary ...Irabu, Igawa, Matsusaki, Kawakami ... You need to be a special kind of idiot GM to bring this recommendation to ownership

  • do_the_dougie - 11 years ago

    Which of these teams' fans look at this website the most?

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