Should the release of helium-filled balloons be banned?


  • Cecilia - 12 years ago

    I have vague recollections of balloons NOT being released at the Sydney Olympics as the result of a proposal put forward by some young girl. Maybe someone out there remembers more details. Anyway, didn't seem to decrease the enjoyment of that event.

  • jenny - 12 years ago

    Why not make balloons out of food for fish and birds? The colours can be food dyes. The issue needs to be raised - it's really important - but there are heaps of cool alternatives and opportunities to do things better and once people get inventive about this something will be done - thanks for raising the matter. Let's get more publicity for doing the right thing and having fun at the same time.

  • Fergus O'Brien - 12 years ago

    Why not replace balloon releases with bird releases or colourful paper kite releases or butterfly releases.
    There are a lot of alternatives.

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