Should the Bharat Ratna be conferred on very young achievers like Sachin Tendulkar, Vishwanathan Anand or Abhinav Bindra?

  • pravat - 10 years ago

    Sachin deserve bharat ratna.some pepole told this award not for youngsters but i want to know why youngsters can't get this award.Sachin is one of the greatest player in the world, without Sacin no mean of cricket.Sachin do social activities also.He sold their sports items for charities.He is one of honest players who denied to do lequirs add.Can u tell me any one like Sachin.

  • sandeep - 10 years ago

    Bhart Rtna award is meant of person who had carried out social / national interest work which has result into mass improvement in scoial life of people living in the country.

    Here Sachin Tendulakr playing cricket over the years with excelleance dose not result into welfare of the society as against overdoze of this sport result into wast of time engery and resources which could have been used for social work

    Indiveial sports person who play best in his arena has already been awarded with Padmshree and many others which gives them enough inputs and push to play further better

  • Ravi - 10 years ago

    We have Khel Ratna for sports persons no need to be included them in Bharat Ratna.
    This Filthy rich cricketer Sachin lacks social responsibility and dosent do any social service, but for playing cricket what did he do extra for the society or the poor by going an extra mile not for any tax soaps ...... he dosent deserve any ranking awards

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