Is Jeezy A Wack Rapper

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  • Will - 8 years ago

    Well, I only like a few songs from Jeezy man, and those song had features and dopes beats. I think he is stuck and I dont see any growth at all. Its the same Jeezy, no creativity, and no real lyrics, he keeps naming his albums the same thing, same concept, and that shit is hella boring. I dont think he will make it to 104 neither.

  • Mud - 8 years ago

    Jeezy leave you niggas hyp-muh-tized, you are hyp-muh-tized. He commands you niggas to get money, but yall still wanna act like some broke ass haters! He got the whole "A" on his shoulders and y'all niggas tryin' to shit on a nugguh. The lyrics may be ass, but the production on the instrumentals is hot and that all a real Boss is 'bout, Rod! I believe that Harriet Tubman is 'bout that grind, so she would be fine wit a nigga workin that trap till the stove burn out. Real Talk

  • Anthony"Animal Thug" Tatum - 8 years ago

    He has always been sub-par. He has eaten off his ablib's too long. *That's right*

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