What did you think of Dexter Episode 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends"?


  • shannon claxton - 11 years ago

    I would like to give props to the writers of the show for totally blowing my freakin mind.Deb realizing she's in love with Dexter and finding out he is a killer.She just thought she needed therapy!!lol

  • Zanele Bissick - 11 years ago

    I voted Awesome because the actual ending is wild.... having Deb.. who is just facing her emotional demon of loving Dex, realise that he is serial killer.....but there are some spots that were not believable - like how did Dexter really escape from the exploding dugout that was surrounded by fire? All in all I enjoyed the season and love the rollercoaster twists and turns..... but please don't make Deb's sighting of Dexter in the middle of a kill " a dream" when next season starts!

  • DexterWritersSuck - 11 years ago

    Crappy season ... crappier episode. Plot holes listed below:

    - Dexter is saved by a random boat right before he drowns. That's believable.

    - A pilot snaps a picture of the "ring of fire with a man in the middle" and calls the police, not the Coast Guard. Hmmm

    - Oh look, a little kid in a tiger costume is running around on the roof of a skyscraper that's under police surveillance. No need to radio headquarters, we'll just investigate it ourselves.

    - Oh look, the syringe that's usually filled with horse tranquilizer isn't filled with tranquilizer this time ... that's convenient.

    - How does Dexter get Travis off the high-rise roof during the middle of the day without being noticed?

  • jay - 11 years ago

    Voted for ok, the show down with Travis was dull, it was plain as day that Dex didn't really inject himself, and i cud see the cliff hanger coming a mile off. The season started great, but that was due to Mos Def and his character, but when he was killed it started to get a bit boring. The reveal about Doomsday being dead the whole time was a bit of a shock but all in all a fairly average season. Hope the next series is a vast improvement.

  • Steph - 11 years ago

    I voted "Awesome," but the only reason it would be "Awful" is because of the terrible cliffhanger it left me on. -__-" Now I'll have to wait MONTHS before I see what happens next. DX

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