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  • TheLee - 8 years ago

    now if you are looking purely for class, (assuming you have the money) go with the Lambo. Something a little more practical, and a much better choice than the rest, you must go with the Mustang.

  • TheLee - 8 years ago

    why [would you] choose anything else but the Lamborghini? the Boss 302 i understand for all you die hard american pride cowboys out there, but wheels like the A7, Veloster, and the 200H?? pussy wagons I say! As for the BMW...I guess you whipped guys don't mind the "frequent maintenance" for your car...maybe money's the issue around here

  • Chase - 8 years ago

    Who the hell whouldnt choose the Lamborghini all the other cars are gay

  • Chris - 8 years ago

  • Chris - 8 years ago

    For the misinformed, all this at a affordable price tag is why this cas should be the 2012 Car of the year, and yes I Own a Icon.

  • Spock - 8 years ago

    The best car of these ist of course the BMW! What could be better then this german masterpiece?

  • Shane - 8 years ago

    It's a vote for car of the year. So you have to take into consideration all the factors. If money didn't matter...sure, there probably aren't many that would choose the Boss. But when it comes to bang for your buck, the new Boss 302 puts it in great contention for Car of the Year

  • Kirk - 8 years ago

    You may not agree John but the truth is, the Boss 302 is a great car and for the money, a fantastic buy. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but obviously a majority of folks don't agree with your assessment according to this poll.

  • John - 8 years ago

    This is a joke. Who would take a Boss over an Aventador, XKRS, or maybe even a GTC for some. Say all you want, but had these cars been presented to you in person, the Mustang is NOT what you would go for

  • Jeepinocala - 8 years ago

    The most beautiful women along with the most beautiful 2012 Mustang BOSS 302 could not even think of anything better.

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