Egg Nog?

  • pokey - 10 years ago

    Ours is non alcoholic only. My SIL was just saying last night that he didn't grow up with it, and had only had it since dating Lydia. Even if we only buy one half gallon, it is a yummy holiday treat!

  • donna j - 10 years ago

    I love egg nog from Braum's! Best I have ever tasted. But Miss Polly Hada (from comments above)....please share your recipe with us, it sounds good!

    It is nearing that old "Holy Night" very soon now. Want to wish Wendy and her little family as well as the great quilters who love her blog a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! This year, may you all experience Joy, Love, Happiness, Good Health, Peace and Plenty of Quilts!
    donna j from kansas

  • SarDee - 10 years ago

    I buy the store version every year for my husband and kids who LOVE it... myself? I never did like the texture for some reason and the flavor is just okay. Lots of people tell me to make my own but I figure its just one less thing with a bazillion calories that I am NOT addicted to so I should leave it be.. :o)

  • Polly Hada - 10 years ago

    I make a homemade version that my family LOVES. Happy to share the recipe. You'll never go back to store bought. Merry Christmas!

  • CathyC in Alberta - 10 years ago

    Love eggnog at Christmas and found a recipe for an eggnog loaf last year. Great recipe if you bought too much. Freezes well and tastes great anytime of year!

  • Dottie K - 10 years ago

    I love egg nog, both with the 'nog' and without. The cream in an egg nog isn't supposed to be on my menu as well as I'm limited with the egg intake. I haven't had Hot Buttered Rum for a long time but I do love it even better than Egg Nog......but due to the amount of butter my recipe has it's also a no-no. But I'm going to break down one of these winter holiday nights and have myself a cup of Hot Buttered Run even if I then suffer from Sipper's Remorse. LOL
    From Texas I send ya'll a Very Merry Christmas Greeting!

  • Jeanne (angeljeanne) Wallace - 10 years ago

    If I have Egg Nog it is within staying at home,,but I have a killer HOT RUM Drink that I used to make and serve at my Ski area years ago. by the way I want to tell you I have learned a lot from you and different ways to sew,,thank you so very much I wanted to feel good about sewing again and my Quilting again and people like you have helped,,take care, hugs and Cheers angeljeanne

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