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  • honeybunn - 8 years ago

    first of all X factor is way better than American Idol. X factor has set the bar too high for American idol to compete. Whoever put this show together is brilliant.First of all the judges like paula and simon with their chemistry and expertise make the show.The 4 x factor judges make american idol judges look like ameteurs. In my opinion everything about X factor is far better than american idol. So long American Idol you are history in my book. why did america get it right on the X Factor by choosing Melanie Amaro and on American idol get it wrong every year by voting off their best contestants. Something is wrong with that picture. My advice to American idol is change your judges and change your voting procedures. It might help.

  • edith rice - 8 years ago

    I agree with Amie, Simon makes the Show, "The X Factor", would have had more viewers if the TV schedule had not change at the begining, that caused confussion when people are getting organized with their time to watch certain shows. This was X Factor 's first year I am sure they had to re-organize, and tye any loose ends . Next year it will be even better, great !
    The results this year were amazing. Josh is unforgettable.

  • amie - 8 years ago

    american idol is no more fun to watch without simon and paula. i hope everyone felt the same. judges knows how they pick a contestant. the host is so handsome.i hope nicole will come back cuz she is fun to watch.

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