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  • arsenio5 - 12 years ago

    Ars has a great knowledge of most of the sports he writes the truth and what he thinks and give you great insight on what ever sport you want to know about or just what ever sport he is blogging keep up the great work

  • Regina JOHNSTON - 12 years ago

    Is the Regina Pats Junior Hockey Club have the only two web sites handled by an ex-Pat. Well worth looking into. Check bot sites, well work it.

  • SP - 12 years ago

    Not sure what crawled up Barry's backside that inspired the comments he made about Rod, in my view he is far from "full of himself". Just a regular prairrie boy that has some confidence in areas that he does have some expertise and he is always publishing thoughts and viewpoints that are contray or critical of him. The few that get removed or are not posted I suspect would be either rude or profane. Roddie has the best local view of sports in our market and beyond. Great job and keep it up.

  • Barry - 12 years ago

    I prefer not to listen to Rod myself as he's way too full of himself. Hopefully he will get a big league gig and move on. Also a blog should meant for all readers comments not just ones he wants to hear and promote

  • /Sheila Obst - 12 years ago

    Rod does an amazing job~ it is a daily read and listen! The Sports Cage keeps everyone up to date on all Sports... local and nationwide. Football Monday with 'Frenzy' is a favorite as well as Fridays with the 'old 96-er'!! Thanks , Rod for all you do for 'us'~

  • Harry - 12 years ago

    Solid work from Straight From The Arse. Best of Luck to all.

  • Huge Heffner - 12 years ago

    Rotorob has good sports stuff but their video game reviews and contests are awsome!

  • Joe Fraioli - 12 years ago

    I never miss a "Wire Troll" blog from RotoRob.

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