Debate: Should Yemen's president be allowed into the U.S.?

  • Independent Yemeni - 9 years ago

    Some people are just wearing black glasses, imitating others and retelling what have been told to them just. I challenge anyone to prove a killing case clearly with no doubt was done by the military of the security. You are just people of TVs and Internet.
    Grow up and give each person what he deserves

  • Ali In My Heart - 9 years ago

    God will protect him and bless his soul ......
    we will love him for ever ........

  • أمير الثوار - 9 years ago

    نريد أن يخرج الرئيس من اليمن من أجل أن تنتهي مشاكل اليمن
    هذالرجل الذي جهل اليمنيين وجعلهم بدون قيمه في كل دول الخليج وحتى داخل بلدهم باع ثروات الأرض بثمن بخس
    شجع الفاسدين وحماهم وخطابه الأخير كان كذالكخايف عليهم ويتهم المشترك بعرقلة المبادره مع أن ذالك ثوره داخل المؤسسات من الأفراد .
    نريده أن يعرف أنه ماصلح ولا مستشفى واحد ليعالج به المرضى من أبناء شعبه
    وفر أجواء آمنه للقاعده من أجل أن يستخدمها كورقه متى إحتاج إليها

  • Mohammed j. Al-jarmouzi - 9 years ago

    Ali saleh is in our blood,, we live in yemen and we know the snicks over here which he knew how to deal with them properly.
    The Tribal rule which hameed and sadeq Alahmar are leading it is the reason of the all corruptions in yemen they have killed Ibrahim Alhamdi because he imposed the sovereignty of the government instead of the sovereignty of the tribe.
    Ali saleh did his best to develop and get yemen to this status.
    we all should thank him and stand with him to get the sovereignty of the tribes out of the country and let the Business leaders to invest safely in our precious country as what is happening in the UAE, Qatar and the arab developed countries.
    The government with the Islah party that means yemen is Alqaida and yemen is the new Afghanistan.
    lets all support him and throw all the terrorist out of yemen and lets live happily with a bright future.

  • Majid - 9 years ago

    He should try a Yemeni hospital in order to see the misery firsthand. He deserves treatment in our Yemeni poorly facilitated hospitals (public and private, all the same).
    For those who say "He's the only one who can take the country from this crisis", dude, go see a Yemeni hospital.

  • Ayesh - 9 years ago

    I can't believe what i did read in the comments.
    Ali Saleh used every dirty way to kill Yemeni youth, women and infants! Yes, most of the killers are wearing normal clothes, but they are soldiers. People who live in Yemen know that and know that Saleh is the biggest lier in the world. He keeps changing his words to gain more time and to fool simple uneducated people in Yemen.
    I never thought he will be able to do so with some people who read and watch CNN!

  • Independent Yemeni - 9 years ago

    President Ali Salah, though has enough power to destroy all his enemies, has not use it. A simple comparison to Syria just or any other country shows that. Ali Salah has been calling since the start fo the crisis for peaceful change and still. This man is a man of peace. I am not for his leaving Yemen as Yemen needs him whether as a president or a citizen, but if he wants to move anywhere in the world, it is his own choice and I do not see any reason for such debate.
    Well, I think, as I know his policy well, he will change mind and withdraw his request for visa.

  • daved - 9 years ago

    I don't really Know where the Hell is Yemen, but i don't really trust our media and how it potrayes the situation in Yemen to the American public. So if the guys is willing to give power and there is know decision made my the UN accusing him of violating human right violation. The guys should be able to go where every he want. I Think that we should stop cornering the guy by telling him if you leave power or don't we will charge you of crimes and will either kill our arrest you. I think that a wrong approach and we should actually encourage him to leave power and praise his move by giving power after a presidental election and that he can live a normal life. that is the only way to really let democracy succeed. The 3 way should not be implement and the should be a forth.
    1. escape
    4. leave power threw a presidential election in a peacefully way.

    this is the only way to create stability

  • khahtan - 9 years ago

    In my opinion, the USA goverment shold give the president ali the visa as soon as possibale, because of many reasons, first eventhough he had and still have the power " the army and people" he really didnt use it aginest the protesters , it was all a game and media was the hero of the game. I remember in Alkarama friday when 50 people were killed, United Nation investagated and found that the goverment have nothing to do about it. The second reason is that he just sign the agreement in Alreid and leave all his power and that agreement was supported by the United Nation, Gulf Countries and The United State of America. Another reason is that Ali Abullah said is his last speach that he wants to go outside Yemen untel the elaction is over, and i think it is a good idea because if anyhting happen everone going to blam him.

  • lyly - 9 years ago

    well i beleive that the president Ali Abdullah Saleh is the only president who didnt use power or army against the revelutionaries. it's the opposite here in yemen. the revelutionaries attacked him and his government while he was praying in the mosque !!!!! this by itself is a war crime. not only this but he didnt even use the army or fight them back when he came back from Riyadh where he was hospitalized!!! he is such a great and forgiving understanding presidnet and as Yemeni and an American citizen i think America will be honored to host such a president.

  • Al-Gumaee - 9 years ago

    I agree with some whow say that Obama administration should reconsider hosting Saleh to get immunity not for his health.
    "If Gaddafi were in Saleh position, will he be treated in the US, Or will the US host him?"
    The greatest country calls for human rights is the United States. Saleh should be tried for been a terrorist killing his people .
    Gaddafi has killed his people, used military aircrafts and Heavy weapons, Saleh also killed his people, and used military aircrafts and Heavy weapons. Bashar al-Assad for example, committed crimes against humanity, Saleh also committed crimes against humanity. It will be very sham for the United States to accept immunity for the crimenal Saleh; Obama administration warned of possible sanctions against Syrian regime, why the same didn't happen in Yemen?

    Obama administration should help people to achieve democracy in the Yemen and the Arab world to end dictatorship; and should reconsider its policy towards Yemen these days, Saleh will never last, Yemeni people will.

  • yemeni - 9 years ago

    we dont want our president ali abdallah salah to leave yemen to any where we love him and we will protect him.

  • FreeYemen - 9 years ago

    i am just amazed by the United States media and how it took they Yemen crisis. it was so bias toward the Islamic group that created chaos and loss of security in my country for the past 11 moths. In the name of the Revolution which only went on to distory everything beatifully In Yemen. I think the United States should treat President Saleh as a man of Peace and hero. they guy stopped Yemen from going to a civil war and falling apart. But if the United States keeps pre suing it policy in removing Saleh from the political scene. will have very negative side effects in the region believe it of not Saleh is an important number i Yemen politics that keeps everything balance. So if he goes that balance will be lost and Yemen will become worst then it is and fall in the hand of Al-Qadi. If the US is willing to take the risk and threaten it own National security go ahead and git rid of the guys but remember you are already having trouble with Somalia and its really bad to have problem with tow states that fall across from each other in the red sea an hold an important and strategic position cause that will defiantly be you worst headache.

  • AHMED SADIQ - 9 years ago

    Yemeni president he is the only one who can take care to the country from this crisis, which has been done by joint Parties and Al-Ahmer sons tribalism............Ali Saleh is not a dictators like Al-Qadafi or Mobark or Bashar, noway .....He is the best up to know >>>>>>>>

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