Do you prefer the regular or watercolor mode?


  • Sue - 11 years ago

    I have enjoyed the watercolor mode for some of your photos - especially the old buildings and some of the art stuff you have taken recently, but I think when it is photos like this, you can't beat Mother Nature's own beautiful colors and you lose some of the gorgeous early morning natural light and amazing sky blue when you add the watercolor look. So glad I signed up for your blog! Seeing as I have yet to take my long-wanted cross country trip, I feel like I am tagging along. :)

  • Eddie - 11 years ago

    I am new to your blog and want to tell you I am enjoying your comments of the New Mexico area. Santa Fe is my hometown which I visit frequently from my present location, Denver. I like the warmth of your watercolor mode and would not mind if you use it only. Thumbs up, Ed
    PS: If you have not seen this site, please let me recommend it to, especially his photography.

  • Mark - 11 years ago

    I enjoy a few watercolor pics next to regular pics. If not to difficult to switch modes while using the camera, maybe a few watercolor pics to enhance the others? Thanks for your efforts, I can see places I've been before and others which I may get to visit later. Mark

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