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  • David - 8 years ago

    P.S. I just clicked on your link. I'm very disappointed you didn't actually set up a website for me.

  • David - 8 years ago

    Thanks for your troll, Sam.

    A vegan working as a milker or chicken catcher is more or less like a Green Party member working in the oil industry. It's rare, it's bound to lead to some kind of crisis of conscience, but it must happen once in a while, because hey, we all gotta eat.

  • Troll - 8 years ago

    You could also list as a poll option "a place to hopelessly contribute to an undersized poll sample." I would have voted for that one.

    Also, not much in the way of postings lately, huh? Kinda that weekly posts on a fortnightly basis every month or fiscal quarter? Mhmm.

    But now the real reason for posting: can vegans work as milkers or chicken catchers? Did you even know that "chicken catching" is an occupation? It is. One of my students just listed it on his resume.

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