VOTE! Do YOU think Johnny & Vanessa's relationship is over?
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  • Norma Deen Juracsik - 9 years ago

    So much is made over, in the press, of Johnny's big success as an actor, like she is nothing special. I've always been a fan of Johnny as a creative actor, but many may not know that his girl is an acon in France. Her records still are being sold there. She may not have had a success lately because she's busy being a Mother who is in her boyfriend's country. I think he is an Icon in the U.S., but not all agree. Some think he's not there yet. I also saw an article online saying that the two of them smell bad. They are as European/French as American. In general, many Europeans, and much of the world, don't use deodorants. Some believe they are toxic with unhealthy ingredients. However, even if someone showers every day, if they don't use something in the mostly humid U.S., you will smell in a few hours. Johnny and Vanessa are much more global than most Americans. I hope they get back together. I thought she was so good for him - seemed to keep him more grounded and happy. There is probably no better girl out there for him. She shouldn't worry about Angelina Jolie. While she's had much success, most American film goers don't like her - possibly because she stole Jennifer's husband. Or, some say she looks so fake and unnatural - like her lips are so puffed up that sometimes they look split in the middle.

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