Who won the ABC News/WMUR Debate in New Hampshire?

Posted 7 years.


  • StaceinTexas - 7 years ago

    I agree with Mr. Thomsen regarding the ridiculous Paul vote.

    I am pleased to see a poll finally acknowledging what Governor Perry has to offer our country. "This is your country and your country is calling" ~ Rick Perry

    Also, I wish to take a moment and chastise the media over their ridiculous reporting. Perry has an 'opps' and it's a story for far too long. Newt says at the debate last night that he'd be home watching the basketball payoffs (when there was not one) and not one single story in the news this morning discusses it. Now let us all remember that Governor Perry had been in numerous town halls, as well as interviews, prior to that debate, repeatedly touting the three departments he would close. Too, Newt was interviewed prior to last nights debate discussing the NFL playoff's. Someones hypocritical side is showing.

  • Marc Thomsen - 7 years ago

    After the polling is paired down to 5% for Ron Paul to account for the vote stuffing of the Paulistas, the Paul supporters who swamp every online poll under orders from der R3volution... the real conservative candidates did ok in this "poll".
    I'm surprised that Huntsman got some votes, but maybe it was his command of the Chinese language that excited the response here.
    I felt that Gingrich, Santorum and Perry respectively made the strongest conservative arguments for smaller govt., lower taxes, less regulation, Constitutional self-governance and thus differentiated the conservative position from the liberal and appeasement agendas of Paul (regarding the threat posed by Iran, and moslems in general, the sanctity of marriage as defined by G-d not the states), Huntsman (regarding China and islam), and Romney (who keeps insisting that he'll be different from BO while caving in on cutting out Obamacare, higher taxes, larger govt. and regulations as well as a weak position regarding Israel along with Paul).
    [Now, just watch the type-lashing I'll get from certain other quarters. lol Go for it; I really don't care what you say.]

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