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Posted 7 years.


  • Ed Grima - 4 years ago

    I am 58 years old and still play guitar Sundays with our church choir, albeit and unfortunately not any of these songs. When in high school, I ran a guitar Mass folk group at a parish in Detroit and played most of theses songs.

    Of course they bring back wonderful memories, but they also brought the youth to church, who may not have otherwise come and many still come today.

    I don't understand this Fr. Z or any of the other know-it-all Catholics who can't see the good that came of this music. Of course they can't, because they can't even see that their blanket judgment of this genre of music is unfounded in Catholicism (judgment left to God); Music, whether classical, folk, praise, etc., is a gift from God and singing it is giving the gift back to Him.

    I just wish these could/were still be used at Masses today. I just got a call last night regarding the Parish in Detroit where I played the guitar Masses in high school, asking to reassemble the group and come and play for a parish reunion Mass in March. Perhaps there is hope, as I certainly intend to play these songs!

  • fRED - 6 years ago

    Yes. This is a fascinating site-an aural postcard from the past when there was such vibrancy, zeal, hope, and anticipation. Where did it go?

    I remember many of these songs from the Sunday guitar mass during my adolescence, but I was too young to seek the original recordings. I am amazed at the diverse styles presented here. In some respects, I feel fortunate to have experienced the music before it was disappeared into the haze of commercialized egocentric singer-songwriter artist.

  • Robin Carlson - 6 years ago

    These songs bring back such wonderful memories of my childhood and going to our Folk Mass on Sundays. Thank you!

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