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Posted 7 years.


  • Jon Butterfield - 7 years ago

    The same contradictory explanations will be repeated every time to that question. (1) He wins every poll online (fox, cnn, etc.) due to a small number of organized commited fans. (2.) Despite having turnouts at his rallies in thousands everywhere while the others have turnouts in the high hundreds to 1,000 range, his supporterts are young uncommited voters who don't follow through and show up to vote.

    So which is it? Does he win every poll due to an excited, well organized support base, or does he lose primaries due to the apathy of the large throngs of supporters at his rallies? Think for yourselves. The media doesn't even respect your intelligence enough to give you logically coherent lies anymore.

  • TrollBuster - 7 years ago

    @Christina, poll voters are almost totally readers of this blog, it's OBVIOUS !
    no fraud, it's just that just few Ron Paul supporters are members of R.P. ^^
    Every supporter now MUST push him as independent candidate !

  • christina - 7 years ago

    why does r.p. win by huge amts. in every online poll but he is losing in the election ? fraud?

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