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Poll posted 8 years ago.

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  • CherylJosie - 5 years ago

    Dual SVS PB10-NSD:

    I prefer the smaller size and cost of bass reflex for a given SPL. I can never hear major differences between speakers of high quality unless there is something unusually bad in one or both of them. Things like modest reflex group delay and transient degredation are such minor aspects of the sound that I just cannot get excited over them, plus IMO the audible distortion of sealed systems is usually more limiting than port noise or resonance of vented systems. In my application (modest output) some might prefer small sealed just because it can handle the SPL but I also want the 20Hz extension at minimum cost and sealed cannot deliver that. My preference is a less expensive and lighter and lower power consumption (and smaller in most cases) vented system with well-understood and well-behaved reflex as opposed to a costlier and larger sealed system for similar SPL and extension. In any case the SPL of my PB10's far exceeds my need so sealed could have worked also but not with the effortless extension.

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