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Who is your preferred pick for the South Carolina primary? -- POLL CLOSED DUE TO CHEATING! -- (Poll Closed)

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  • Pauls the man - 11 years ago

    Kevin Meyers you should be ashamed of yourself. Ron Paul has a vast majority of the votes because he is very popular. The Rasmussen polls are the ones in question with their connections to the tainted Fox/Murdoch organization. You are the cheater for manipulation of the poll, and should be run out of the website for unethical actions. You are the one with the soft head if you think any of those other clowns will be good for our country.
    Ron Paul is the only guy talking about the real causes and solutions for our country. Anyone but Paul will continue the same disastrous core economic policies and drive us further into despair. Pull your soft head out of your rump, and run the polls fairly.

  • John Lesko - 11 years ago

    You know, it's funny you should say that...

  • Kevin Myers - 11 years ago

    Donations, donations, donations now there is an unintended consequence. Sometimes I believe that Ron Paul supporters have heads like rotting pumpkins, soft and mushy.

    Thanks for all the fish.

  • John Lesko - 11 years ago

    @Jim: Actually, it was quite enjoyable knowing that it wasn't *my* phone ringing incessantly and *my* email box filling. Nothing quite brings the family together than you guys doing...whatever it is that you do.

  • Jim McClarin - 11 years ago

    Oh, too bad! I was hoping to vote in one of these online polls that was NOT being won by Ron Paul. Nice trick leaving him clean off the poll. Boy I bet that drove the Paultards wild.

  • james cordes - 11 years ago

    well im just glad that i found this unfair and biased poll that admits to cheating, its nice to see at least some admit that they are unfair toward dr paul. i threw this story about kevin myers and his attempt to manipulate americans with his petty poll up on my facebook page, and have urged all my contacts to express their displeasure via email and word of mouth.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • jeanne - 11 years ago

    What??? A republican poll for choosing the next President of the United States and Dr. Ron Paul is left off??????
    This could never happen as Dr. Paul has been winning nearly every single legitimate straw poll and came in nearly tied for first place in the Iowa Caucus and clearly 2nd in the New Hampshire Primary. To say nothing of the fact he is the Champion of the Constitution and the only Republican candidate able to beat Mr. Obama in 2012.

  • John Lesko - 11 years ago

    Who confessed to cheating? What I was referring to is that when the Maricopa GOP pulls nonsense like that, they can expect to hear about it.

  • RonPaulTruth - 11 years ago

    "Kevin Myers -
    'Ron Paul was on the poll but when he has five times the votes of all other candidates combined that indicates cheating is occurring'"

    He also has about 5 times the military contributions of all the other candidates combined. Are they cheating too?

  • Jim Fox - 11 years ago

    Yes. Poll closed b/c of CHEATING. Thank you for your confession. You are CHEATING against Ron Paul. Are you not able to make a poll that can't be voted on multiple times? I think so. If you can't then you shouldn't have a website.

  • John Lesko - 11 years ago

    Listen, if you are running any sort of online poll and think it's completely scientific, then I don't know what to tell you.

    Straw polls (of which online polls are a type) are meant as promotional activity and not some kind of statistical research. They're meant to be fun, get the names of the candidates out there, and to generate enthusiasm behind those candidates.

    Therein lies the problem. Mr. Myers is clearly exhibiting extreme bias in his choice of which candidates to promote. If Congressman Paul was a totally obscure candidate, one could understand him having to cut it off at some reasonable number.

    However, he is clearly not (close 3rd in Iowa, clear 2nd in NH, surging and a strong 3rd in SC polling), and so by this behavior people are beginning to see the strings.

    Let me also say this to you, Mr. Myers. Every time you guys do this, there is going to be blowback, and we will fight back twice as hard. All it does is give us something to point at to rally the troops. Either you play fair, or you will be forced to play fair.

  • Andy Dockery - 11 years ago

    Also when I mentioned a friend sent me links on how to manipulate a poll, we were trying to find out how it would be possible, not trying to find how to manipulate a poll. Also that is why I suggested using a different polling website.

  • Andy Dockery - 11 years ago

    I would like to say something in defense of Kevin Myers. I noticed that several of his previous polls in regards to Iowa, and NH, there were hardly any votes by the end of each poll. So if there is a trend of 40 to 50 votes on previous polls and say 2 days into the South Carolina poll there are multiple for Ron PAul, then it may look weird. Although I personally know many PC's like myself, and other Maricopa county residents registered republican that voted as well. Also it is obvious that if there are 28 comments wondering where Ron Paul's name went on the poll then it would be safe to say that more than 28 votes for Ron Paul during this poll is appropriate. A friend of mine also sent me many links on how to manipulate a poll. I am not savvy enough to understand it or know how it was being done. But it is apparent that this is possible. I would suggest keeping up with the polls but maybe use a different poll creating website. As it is obvious that many Ron Paul supporters would like to cast their one vote and have fair representation of their preferred candidate.

  • Adam Nollmeyer - 11 years ago

    I likewise was trying to vote for Ron Paul but I didn't see him.

    How many total votes were there anyway? Can you define cheating. I don't know your skills as a "webmaster". I have many friends in the industry of web design and they call themselves "web developers" ... so I am unfamiliar with this webmaster term.

    I know my way around the web and am slightly familiar w/ polldaddy.
    you know there are ways to block repeat voters in your admin console

    You can do this by bookie, or cookie AND IP address. I'm not geeky enough to know if there is a "cheat" to get around this....

    But unless you have proof of the same person voting more than once, then you have absolutely NO PROOF that anybody is cheating.

    If you clicked the box "don't block repeat voting" than you're basically

    If you had the filters on and you still got a lot of votes, then that isn't cheating, that is how a poll works. People vote once, and the results tell the story. If the other candidates get less votes maybe it means their people care less about them.

    If you have technical questions drop me a note.

  • Paul Ron - 11 years ago

    Anyone else notice how Ron Paul's name "magically" appeared at the bottom of the poll after all of this and after the poll closed?

  • Paul Ron - 11 years ago

    I'm calling it. Paul supporters have a victory here. It may be small, but a victory none the less. "Poll closed due to cheating". I would say "Poll closed due to bias". Ron Paul 1, Kevin Myers 0.

  • Ian Ellison - 11 years ago

    bah, "Kevin, I suppose", not "Kevin I, support". Typo in previous comment.

  • Ian Ellison - 11 years ago

    Kevin, I support the Ron Paul supporters cheat at the Straw Poll's that Ron Paul dominates as well? "Hey you guys are organized! Thats cheating!". Then again, the GOP establishment has practically written the book on cheating, so perhaps you may recognize it when you see it, far be it from me to judge. ;)

  • Paul Ron - 11 years ago

    Kevin Myers is mainstream media scum supportive! You sir, are a disgrace to America.

  • Jamie Mneimneh - 11 years ago

    Ron Paul has mobilized a massive online base. I lived in South Carolina for 10 and I've now been in Georgia for 10 years. Now, somehow I am here on your web page trying to take a poll you've disabled because for some reason you think people are "cheating." If you consider "cheating" rallying support among not only your base but also among independents, you are mistaken and you will be doing your party a disservice.

  • Kristin Welch - 11 years ago

    Kevin... Maybe you should consider the fact that many people intelligent enough to use the internet on an regular basis do their own research on political issues and are Ron Paul supporters. It's not cheating... it's people with REAL information voting!!!

  • Liz Michael - 11 years ago

    Ron Paul all the way. I guess you all call winning the poll cheating. You know, you people are scum. You will not ever in life get a single contribution from me.

  • Victoria - 11 years ago

    Ron Paul has my vote!

  • lou - 11 years ago

    It's shameful you did not include Ron Paul.

  • Kevin Myers - 11 years ago

    Mrs. Deakin,
    Your husband had emailed and admitted that he had cheated.

  • Newt Gingrich - 11 years ago

    Poll closed due to cheating. Did you mean by yourselves for not including Ron Paul?

  • Bob Anderson - 11 years ago

    I just couldn't participate in this poll where a candidate has been left off, (Ron Paul) It also appears many people share my concerns and you have very little participation. I sure wish the media would stick to reporting news and facts instead of manipulation. I'm glad to see Keven Myers you are watching this forum, because I just called and they told me you was taking this poll down. We shall see if you respond as quickly as you did in the comments section here. Or if someone from your office was blowing smoke at me while maintaining a deceptive poll. Already I feel lied too because they said this was a mistake, but your confession here Keven, shows me its not a mistake but intentional.

  • Cami - 11 years ago

    Why is Ron Paul not on this poll???? THAT is cheating!!!

  • Jen - 11 years ago

    Well, since my candidate is not represented, I guess we at least need an option to choose NONE OF THE ABOVE or maybe a type-in vote? More like

  • Spencer - 11 years ago

    LOL at cheating-- Open your eyes, you know damn well he isn't cheating. He has many loyal supporters that are web savvy.

    You are just falling in line with your handlers, and this is why Obama will kill the repubs in the election

  • Donald Gene FitzGerald - 11 years ago

    Yeah were's Ron Paul?????

  • Sheila Endsley - 11 years ago

    "Closed Due to Cheating?" I should say so!! I'm embarrassed to be associated with the MCRC.

  • Samantha Hazen - 11 years ago

    My vote is for Ron Paul. Please add that to your "poll".

  • Sheila Endsley - 11 years ago

    Perhaps the "webMASTER" could construct a poll wherein only one vote is allowed per IP address??? Is this not within your realm of expertise? Would this not greatly diminish, if not, eliminate the possibility (and clearly biased assumption) that people are cheating? To leave a candidate off of the poll because of the limitations of the poll construction/reporting makes this poll and its results as "worthless" as the ones you're trying to stifle.

  • Jeremie - 11 years ago

    The media's attempt to act like Ron Paul doesn't exist is a disgrace to America and American "journalism". Ron Paul does well on the internet polls because his largest support base is online users. I will never read your articles again and I encourage others to do the same. This is a total disregard to reporting, and a spit in the face to the American public. Shame on you for even calling yourselves reporters. By the way, I support Ron Paul, have never done drugs and I'm not a hacker. Blackout Mainstream.

  • BlackBeltHeidi - 11 years ago

    Why is it every time Paul is in a great lead, the RP supporters are accused of cheating? I am positive if one of the globalists, especially if it was that jerk Romney, were that much in the lead, no one would have a problem with it or be accused of cheating.

    BTW, Gary Johnson is no longer running Republican.

  • Jeff Zurn - 11 years ago

    Fred Smith and others are right... Social media in Arizona is exploding with the information that our votes for Ron Paul are being sabotaged by the MCRC.
    STOP managing perceptions!

  • Fred Smith - 11 years ago

    This is a joke. Ron Paul has excellent social media exposure which is probably why the poll results come out the way they do. Ron Paul has done very well on other online polls for the same reason.
    Keep trying to "manage" what Republicans can see or do, and you'll wonder why they are leaving the GOP in DROVES to register as Independent.

  • Adonia Deakin - 11 years ago

    Kevin you BS comment about RP cheating is just as stupid as when you cheated for Hayworth 2010 and got caught doing so by JPD!

  • Kevin Myers - 11 years ago

    Ron Paul was on the poll but when he has five times the votes of all other candidates combined that indicates cheating is occurring. This is an ongoing problem with Ron Paul supporters and this isn't the first poll I have had to remove him from. The simple truth is no one wants to participle in a poll where the supporters one of the candidates is distorting the results making the poll worthless.

    Kevin Myers Webmaster

  • Andy Dockery - 11 years ago

    I like the polls but this time Ron Paul is not on the poll like he was on during Iowa and NH. Why is Ron Paul not on this poll, he is stillin the race for South Carolina?

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