Proper time to floss


  • Larry - 12 years ago

    After you brush - When does the dental hygienist use floss - after she cleans your teeth!!! Flossing is also to message your gums - need to clean the space between your teeth so the floss cantouch the gums

  • Wendy - 12 years ago

    Do you scrape your dishes before or after washing them?

  • Stuart - 12 years ago

    If I had to choose I'd say 'before'

    Here is my routine:
    1. Brush your teeth
    3.Brush your teeth again
    (to get rid of all that stuff that you just got out from between your teeth - yuk!)

  • Deb von Rosenvinge - 12 years ago

    Hey...either way Vermin Supreme would be so proud of you guys!
    "Brush your teeth! It's the Law!"

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