Are you "pro-life"?

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  • Josh Bayne - 11 years ago

    Truth is this is one of the classic "church mouse" issues. People are completely willing to condemn the abortionist, but not the soldier or the person who flips the switch on an electric chair. In order to do so, they have to come to a sobering decision to change that which they have believed for years. In my opinion, it is scripturally impossible for one to be ok with any of the 3.

    One cannot hold a "circumstantial" view on these issues either. If a woman is raped, although it is cruel situation, if she is impregnated, abortion is still not ok. (Plus the likelihood of this happening is statistically low.) If the one murdered was the most nobel, ethically sound, godly president, capital punishment for his assassin is not tolerable. If your sole mission is to wipe out jihadist Muslims who have attacked the United States, scripture is clear on both murder, and taking revenge.

    It's uncomfortable to say. It's even more uncomfortable for me to step away from my keyboard and continue to adhere to scripture in regards to the issues.

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