Which Three Causes of Anti-Gay Sentiment are Ignored the Most?

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  • Br. Hal Weiner, JD, OUM - 11 years ago

    #1. The Republican Party

    #2. The Church of Rome

    #3 The Anglican African/Asian Diaspora and its Bishops
    who would help " cure " ECUSA

    #4 (0ptional ) all of the above in no particular order or compacted
    into one glutenous sanctimonious blob good for snuffing candles.

    And the more you ignore them the better off you'll be.

    Live long and prosper. ( graphic omitted, doesn't accept them.)

  • Judy Sandeen - 11 years ago

    I interpreted the "sexual molestation as a child" as a reason for anti-gay sentiment, not as a reason for being gay, hence I voted for it. I think that survivors of such molestation can (not always do) mistakenly believe that all GLBT persons are pedophiles, and therefore the cause of their anti-gay sentiment.

  • Edra Bogle - 11 years ago

    The desire of many people to feel superior to someone else is, to my mind, second only to picking and choosing of Biblical passages as a reason for homophobia. Now that open racism is frowned on (though it can still masquerade as being against illegal immigrants or Newt's"lazy poor,") who's left to hate? LGBT people, of course! Or is this the "Poor White Trash Syndrome" choice that I didn't understand? That hardly makes sense, c.f. Elton John. Ellen Degeneres, etc.

    I object strongly even to including sexual molestation as a child. Study after study has shown this has no effect on sexual orientation, though it can certainly mess up the victim's life in other ways. Including it gives the belief validity to some participants.

  • Douglas As bury - 11 years ago

    In terms of both "willful gullibility" and "peer pressure," there are many people for whom homosexuality is not an issue at all who simply align themselves with the majority (or the most passionately outspoken advocates) on the issue so as not to have to deal with having to defend the fact that they really don't give a damn about it to people who seem to think it's a scourge on society that needs to be eradicated.
    And relative to the "unholy alliance between politics and religion," it's been clear for decades that when social conservatives are afraid their candidate or issue won't win at the ballot box, they trot out the whipping boy of homosexuality to ensure that enough who align themselves politically with them will go to the polls, thus doing their best to ensure the "right" outcome for the candidate or issue in which they were really interested in the first place. (They use the issue as a sure-fire fund-raiser, too, even though their interest is more in asserting their power over society in general - like the Taliban in Islam - rather than specifically to oppose the acceptance or normalization of homosexuality.)

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