Why Do Men Love To "Save" Promiscuous Women?

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  • Trustedtrue - 12 years ago

    Most men like to think that,because the women with a past shows them interest.That they are welling to go thru the ruff times of fighting an addiction or reserving themselves from exploitation,.They firgure if she's willing to fight for herself.then the man is willing to stick by her.But the truth of the matter is,no one will change until they are ready for real change! So the man trying to save her ends up being another tool of convinence for the addicted or exploited.I know ,i have been that man.Every man wants to conquer something and faced with a fight for a soul with the devil can be most rewarding.But we must remember,they only need to prove themselves to theirself,thats where they prove their true worthiness.Its gods job to save souls,let him do it,he is better equipped to handle the disappointmnet!!!!!

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