Best Foolish Moment (Ep. 2)

Posted 7 years.


  • Trish in Tampa - 7 years ago

    World Peace looks more like a "world of hurt!"- ouch! Poor Blake, nearly had his elbow/forearm dislocated! By the way, loved the on court mini clinic w/ Shaq, Charles, Kenny, and Ernie- more please!
    Ps to Shaq: I like "Diesel", Percheron's are awesome horses- I have a Thoroughbred/Perch mare!. If you need any tips, let me know.

  • peacewhat? - 7 years ago

    isn't time for this hoodlum by his real name Ron Artest to say good bye to NBA? These so-called athletes should be an epithome of civilized conduct, being alll the time under the scrutiny of the public eyes. Yet his hooligan-like behavior is still tolerated by the money-mongering comissioner, by his name Stern.
    No wonderr why most people with some decency prefer to watch collegiate ball instead of this circus show called NBA...

  • Mario - 7 years ago

    Meta World What?? It seems that even when the change of name, he keeps being a bad boy! Bynum's school kind of guy!!

    Griffin will break meta in a bit not like the fan he did knock out!!!