Can India claim to be a liberal democracy after what's happened to Rushdie, Husain, Taslima & Co?

  • thomas - 10 years ago

    appeasing minority religious groups for the sake of vote bank, giving in to local politics to retain the chair of power, all these at the cost of indian constitution; the main culprit who contributed to this is definitely the congress party! unless these dangerous, scruplous and
    dirty political practises are put to an end, the already dying democracy of India , WOUND SOON WITHER AWAY!!
    i do not have any hope that the present political partries care or love theis great nation,
    they only are interested in the intoxication of power and boost their bellies!
    only the youth of india can save this nation from catoshpere by:
    - exercise your precious right and duty of vote to send the local parties to the dustbins and
    ensure that no criminal or the agents of oppresors win the elections
    - being vigillant and react against politics of oportunism

  • Madhusudhan B S - 10 years ago

    This is what happening in this so called free nation , few uncivilized radicals threat our democracy and make a mockery of freedom

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