Did Sen. Nelson snub President Obama at Disney World?

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  • Frank McNeil - 8 years ago

    I like Bill Nelson. Had occasion to talk with him three or four times. He is a common sense guy, with a first rate record on the Everglades. I would have liked to see him take a modest political risk, join with his (and our) President in Orlando to push for more foreign tourism to the U.S.

    Just think you have to stand with your guy, in this case Obama, even at a little political risk. And I don't think not going gained Senator Nelson one single vote. Probably didn't lose any either.

    Run the campaign on the issues that matter to Florida, and matters will turn out fine for Senator Nelson.

  • grannyb - 8 years ago

    Senator Nelson is laying low because his record during the last difficult years is pitiful.
    He is on the Senate Budget and Finance Committees. He has not produced a budget in years and has voted for all the 'give aways' that have brought this country to this dire state.
    $15,000,000,000,000. in debt and all he does is spend and demand more tax dollars from us to 'redistribute'.
    $454,000,000,000. a year in interest on top of the trillions borrowed!
    How long does this Senator think he can keep the country on this course?

  • Larry Guest - 8 years ago

    Nelson is a two-faced dork. Are you aware of the coming website "NixNelson.com" that will be dedicated to throwing him out of the Senate? I know it will be funded by some statewide heavyweights and will feature Nelson's penchant for earmarks (even AFTER he signed a pledge not to do anymore earmarks), his Obama rubber stamp votes, bumper stickers, TV ads, yard signs and billboards.

  • reality - 8 years ago

    I think both Obama & Nelson are being smart. There is so much hate for Obama, even among the many devout "Christians" in our building, that it is scary. Time to get the DVD "The Goebbel's Diary", where he looks at the huge crowds for Hitler, and exults: "Nazism is the new religion".
    Did you hear South Carolinians cheer when Newt said: "South Carolina is at war with the Feds"?
    The last time that happened, 620,000 Americans died. So. Carolina seceded, even after Lincoln was so conciliatory in his inaugural address, that he said he would enforce all existing laws related to slavery. FL wanted to be the second to secede, but had to settle for 3rd. Now, have you seen the NRA director claiming Obama is just waiting for re-election to take away everyone's guns? Many, many, claim the same thing, or think that Obama has already hampered gun ownership. Obama has done NOTHING to hamper gun ownership. But facts don't matter, it seems.

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