Do you worry about the presence of stabilizing agents, chemicals and additives in the food your family eats?

  • Phil - 9 years ago

    I've noticed that I like the taste of whatever food I was eating when I was growing up. Not living in my favorite rung of the socio-economic ladder, those foods included things like TV Dinners, Microwave French Fries, the giant bag of microwavable chicken nuggets, etc. As a result, I now have this unhealthy desire for what we like to call, "institutional food". Imagine the hockey-puck hamburgers and cardboard pizza that used (and in some places still do) to stalk the halls of our elementary school cafeterias.
    Now, I've grown up and climbed up a rung or two on that ladder -- but still can't shake the desire for unhealthy cardboard food. Luckily, my wife wants to keep me around for a few years more (although I can't imagine why), and makes sure I eat healthy foods...yet every now and then, I just have to have a hockey-puck hamburger that came out of some freeze-dried package that might or might not have been a real animal two weeks ago. I've learned that tastes can change, and that it's difficult to do so consciously....which is why our kids get vegetables and organic meat and homemade bread. So when they grow up and make their own choices for dinner, they are making healthy choices by default, and not having a deep, dark desire for that frozen pizza and french fries.

  • Fresno Couponing Girl - 9 years ago

    I care more about how food tastes than what is really in it. When I discover what is really in chicken nuggets or jello, for instance, I stop eating those foods, but on a whole, I care more about taste than reading the contents of the box of processed food I am about to consume.

    I'm not saying I shouldn't care more, I just don't. I know... you will enlighten me. :-)

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