Who won the National Journal/NBC GOP debate in Tampa?

Posted 7 years.


  • Kix - 7 years ago

    @Smokey - Not true if the cut off dates for getting on the ballots in Missouri, Illinois, DC, and Ohio are still out there. Right now, Virginia is the only state there is any real question and there is a state resolution in the works there that may still allow them to get on that ballot. Just because they aren't listed in those states yet, doesn't mean they won't be on the ballots when the time comes.

  • Smokey - 7 years ago

    Food for thought.... NEWT AND SANTORUM CANNOT WIN. To secure the GOP nomination, a candidate needs at least 1145 of the 2288 delegates. Gingrich and Santorum are not on the ballots in states that will provide a total of 564 delegates Missouri, Illinois, Dist of Columbia, Ohio and Virginia . That means that one or the other needs 66.42% of the remaining 1,724 delegates to reach 1,145. This is it people. Moderate progressive Romney or Libertarian Conservative Ron Paul.

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