How often do you visit Hairscapades?


  • hairscapades - 11 years ago

    Krystal, but that's why I have Health & Fitness posts! Diet and exercise are integral components of hair health! So, don't feel like you can't "distract" from hair by talking/asking about health & fitness! My Project Scale Down posts are meant for that topic! And, you know about our 28 Day Workout Challenge group on FB, right? If not, here is the link:

    There are only 9 of us in the group, but we post updates on working out every day to keep each other going.

  • Krystal_K - 11 years ago

    I read the posts so I don't feel the need to visit the site that much unless I really have something to say. Also, I'm really focusing on weight loss since I gained 10lbs after my surgery. I don't want to disrespect the fact that this is a hair blog so I don't send in stuff about my weight struggles. Keep up the good work. I appreciate what you're doing here.

  • Shelli - 11 years ago

    Awww, thank you Chandra and Annie!! And Annie, yeah, you think I'm funny!! LOL! Seriously, one thing that I often try to do is make you guys laugh:)! It's something that makes me happy to make someone's day a little funnier:). So thank you for getting that:)!!

  • Annie L - 11 years ago

    I love you blog!! It's funny, informative and quirky. You have sound practical advice and your hair is proof of that fact. I am very appreciative of your blog and I will post more as my way of saying thank you :^)

  • Chanda - 11 years ago

    Yours is the first blog I visit everyday!!

  • Shelli - 11 years ago

    Yea! No, I'm totally cool with just liking without commenting. But, I wasn't getting many comments on the Naturals Around the World feature and I was trying to figure out if people were liking those. Also, Wei has two more hair interviews with guys that I'll have in the next two weeks, but this one didn't get but one comment and three rate votes maybe. And when I post HairStories like yours and others, I really want your stories to get comments or ratings, because I think it is so encouraging to all of us ... so, just trying to figure out what everyone likes:). I know it's not everything, but I get such a thrill when I see those little stars light up or get a comment in my e-mail:). They make my day and keep me motivated!

  • Nikki L - 11 years ago

    Im liking your new features of worldwide curlies especially when they show their food and pics from their cities. I liked the piece of the male curly. Need some more of those please :) Keep doing what u do as far as being a fun spirit and the variety of your blog. And of course thank you again for featuring me!! p.s. Im guilty of liking but not commenting as well. Its out of habit

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