Jan Brewer's Blowup on Barack Obama: Jan Bein' Jan, Or Political Theater?

  • Ray - 10 years ago

    Whoa there little nag.. keep that hag-finger outta peoples faces.
    Didn't your mama tell you that it was rude?
    I hate how so many of the most hateful use their fake sense of indignant outrage to get headlines.
    Gee, convenient letter contents, that were private , but suddenly released?
    How pathetic the current GOP leadership has become.

    Media whores unite!!! Way to prostitute your state for a minute of fame and ruin the reputation of a great stae, which just happens to be in the cript keeprs clutches.
    I havn't seen such an ugly boney hag-finger swung about since the Halloween bash I went to last year.
    freakin wear gloves man!!
    Why is it that this GOP leadership clan seems to judge their "leadership" skills on which one can be the biggest A-HOLE, and who can act the most like some throwback from the civil war era, who is still rooting for the red coats to win??
    Come on folks. Arizona is a good state, most of the people are good people, so vote the media whore out and show some love for this nation we can all see.
    just my opinion

  • mel - 10 years ago

    Who does this fake blonde think she is? clearly she was raised in a barn!!!!! no manners... No class at all!!! she is showing that her parents did a poor job raising her..ghetto fabilous

  • Scott - 10 years ago

    You make me sick jan! You're making Arizona look bad......AGAIN!

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