If you were forced to choose, would you give up your car or your connectivity?


  • Joy Shayne Laughter - 11 years ago

    Right now, connectivity is embedded in cars (GPS!) so investing in telecom isn't that far - today - from investing in transportation.

    When I was house-sitting in Seattle as one of the working homeless, I had a cell phone, an e-mail account and a laptop but no car. Instead I had a bus pass and a car-sharing-club membership. Got along fine.

  • Kathy - 11 years ago

    I can connect with family by visiting in person so I need transportation.
    I like looking into my sister's eyes when I talk to her,
    I like hugging my Mom,
    I like working alongside my brothers in the woods,
    I like taking long walks with my 84 year old Dad,
    My phone can't give what I like the most.
    Guess I' m a physical girl.

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