Should the Greater Spokane League divide into two divisions - 4A and 3A and crown separate champions?


  • Lowell Lehman - 12 years ago

    No doubt about it! I've talked to a number of kids who go to the 3A schools, (I have grandkids who attend/attended two different ones) and they are pretty much unanimous in what they say. "It's not much fun being beaten over & over by bigger schools. Even when you get into the post season, you have like a 3-6 record or something." There are enough schools in each classification that there could be a schedule worked out so they play each other team in their class twice, and still preserve traditional rivalry games, instead of half of their games being against teams of a different classification. It's tough on these kids who actually have a decent team to always end up, "like 3-6, or something," or worse, only because they are forced to consistently play larger schools. Thank you for this poll; it's pertinent and timely.

  • Donna - 12 years ago

    Absolutely! Why not give the smaller schools the real possibility of winning a championship in a given sport. I, personally, would go to more GSL sporting events if the league was divided and two champions were crowned. It would simply be more exciting and FUN!

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